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Faith_bian Shares How Wings Gaming’s TI6 Win Impacted Their Mentality

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Zhang "Faith_bian" Ruida, the offlaner for Wings Gaming when the team won TI6, discussed how the mentality of the team changed after the tournament win on OG's Monkey Business Show Episode 44.
Faith_bian stated that the team resolved not to let the title of TI champion stand in their way but this could not be sustained since the team members may have felt egoistic.
Wings Gaming had gone on a gradual downhill curve after a strong TI6 triumph and failed to recreate the performances. The squad was eventually disbanded as a result of this.

One of the most surprising tournament victories in history came from Wings Gaming at The International 6 (TI). A spellbinding and dominant playoff run helped the team register a historic underdog story to win the entire event. However, what happened after TI6 was not expected as Wings Gaming, later known as Team Random, went on a gradual decline before eventually disbanding. Zhang "Faith_bian" Ruida, was the offlaner for the team at the time. He recently discussed how the mentality of the team changed after the TI6 win on OG's Monkey Business Show Episode 44. Since winning TI had created somewhat of a negative influence on the team as time passed, Faith_bian describes how difficult it became for the team to resolve issues.

Faith_bian discusses how TI6 victory might have created a sense of ego among Wings Gaming's players

The episode of OG's Monkey Business Show that Faith_bian sat on following TI11 was just released recently, featuring a discussion with Sébastien "Ceb" Debs and Johan "N0tail" Sundstein.

The chat centered on Faith_bian's career with Wings Gaming, and when questioned about the changes after winning TI6, he mentioned the more worldly aspects first. He talked about how he was able to afford a better lifestyle thanks to the prize money.

“In reality, we got more money so we can live in a better house, and eat some better food. That’s it. We didn’t change too much in reality. For me, I just bought a house for my parents and every team member was like that. We just ate better and lived better.”

[relevant section begins at 46:00]

Furthermore, Faith_bian said that the team decided not to let the title of TI champion get in their way, so they would continue to play the game in their own unique style, but this could not continue as the team members could have felt egoistic.

“And mentally, even though we told ourselves not to be egoistic since everybody saw us as a TI winner, it reflected on us. I think we had a little bit of change after TI. But we still wanted to play different Dota, still want to continue our style. Just play what we like. But it didn’t work. We lost a lot of games so the bad influence of winning TI showed after we lost because everybody maybe felt a little bit disappointed or ego within themselves. The team is finding it difficult to solve problems like before.”

From his perspective, he did feel this sense of ego when he thought back on the losses Wings Gaming endured after TI6.

“During the time after I won TI, I told myself every day that don’t be egoistic. Don’t think I am a TI winner. So I don’t get some influence or something. But in the end, I look back and I self-reflected and realized that there are some changes.”

As Ceb, a two time TI champion, noted in his reply, it can indeed be difficult to control the thought of being a TI champion and having your accomplishments acknowledged by everyone around you.

Despite this, Faith_bian bounced back strong and recently retired after a stellar two-year tenure with PSG.LGD. The offlaner regained his reputation as one of the best Dota 2 players during this time, winning the PGL Arlington Major, placing second at TI10 and the PGL Arlington Major 2022, and placing fifth-sixth at TI11.

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