Ceb Talks About The Time OG Found Out About Taiga’s Gambling Addiction


Ceb Reveals Details About Taiga's 322 Investigation and How OG Was Affected

Dorjee Palzang
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During a recent interview with Dota 2 content creator Morf, Ceb revealed the events that followed after Taiga's gambling addiction came to light.
He revealed that OG did everything in its power to dig deep into this matter and ensure that Taiga was not involved in intentional game throws to win bets against his team.
However, despite being out of the Dota 2 gambling scene Taiga was let go from the organization due to his troubled mental state.

Sébastien "Ceb" Debs faced an extremely tough time along with the rest of the players on OG back when they found out about Tommy "Taiga" Le's gambling addiction which resulted in an internal investigation involving tournament organizers and Valve.

During a recent interview with Morf, who is a Dota 2 content creator from Ukraine, Ceb spoke on a range of topics but the one that caught everyone's attention was the details he provided about Taiga's gambling addiction, the panic that ensued after this revelation, and the internal investigation ran by the organization to confirm wether the player was involved in any acts of 322 or not.

Ceb Talks About Taiga’s 322 Investigation in Detail

According to Ceb, OG decided to move Taiga to the inactive roster, and an internal investigation was launched to ensure that Taiga was not involved in any ‘322’ activities. Ceb also revealed that after all of this came to light, OG was left in shambles and damaged the team's reputation.

On 28th March 2024, Thursday, OG’s team captain and Taiga’s former teammate, Ceb, sat down for an interview with Dota 2 content creator, Morf.

Curious to know more about the drama that ensued last year with Taiga and OG, Morf asked Ceb what happened behind the scenes and if Taiga was actually associated with some ‘322’ activities as rumors suggested. 

Getting to the bottom of it, Ceb revealed that OG found out about Taiga’s gambling addiction themselves which naturally got the team worried.

The first thought that crossed their mind was what if Taiga was throwing games intentionally to ensure a sure-shot win by gambling against his team.

So at OG we instantly did an internal investigation, talked to everyone - players, coach, etc. to make sure that it was only him,” said Ceb.

Ceb further disclosed that the investigation was done on Taiga without him knowing about it which caused a lot of problems for the team because OG was participating in tournaments.

While the investigation was going on, OG informed tournament organizers and Valve about this matter and hired professional investigators to dig deep.

We take it super seriously, I’m a competitor, I was not panicking but I was very worried. We did everything, I think we could think of. We suspended him, we put him aside - waiting for people to talk back to us and everything came back to ‘he did nothing with Dota,” added Ceb.

However, the consequence of the entire incident was that OG was left with shreds of doubt, suspicion, and damage to its reputation. Ultimately due to Taiga’s distressed mental state and the new revelation, OG decided to let him go and the team focused on recovering from this incident.

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