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BOOM Esports Announces its Dota 2 Roster for 2024

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After major shuffles in its Dota 2 roster, BOOM Esports announced a new roster for its Dota 2 lineup
The roster features an all Peruvian lineup but currently lacks a midlaner
The team will be participating in the upcoming tournament in early Januray as confirmed by BOOM Esports CEO, Gary Ongko

Indonesian Esports organization BOOM Esports, after shifting its focus to South America, has unveiled its new Dota 2 roster for the 2024 season. This lineup, exclusively comprising Peruvian players, notably lacks a mid laner at present. From its earlier roster, the team retains its carry player and welcomes three new players and a coach.

Earlier in a podcast on X, BOOM Esports' CEO, Gary Ongko Putera, confirmed that the organization would continue its competitive pursuits in the South American region.

BOOM Esports Reveals Its New Dota 2 Roster

On December 27th, BOOM Esports introduced its revamped Dota 2 team. The roster, composed entirely of Peruvian talent, is set to compete in South America. Retaining Crhistian "Pakazs" Savina as the carry, the team currently does not have a midlaner.

The current roster of the team includes: 

  • Crhistian "Pakazs" Savina

  • TBD

  • Mario "LittleBoy" Valdivia

  • Rodrigo "n1ght" Cruz

  • Jose "Panda" Padilla

New additions to BOOM Esports feature Mario "LittleBoy" Valdivia as the offlaner, previously with the now-disbanded Thunder Awaken. Rodrigo "n1ght" Cruz, another former Thunder Awaken member, and Jose "Panda" Padilla, previously with Evil Geniuses, have also joined the team.

Lastly, Juan David "Vintage" Angulo Nicho, who coached Evil Geniuses at the International 2023 and Wawitas Sagazes at the ESL One Kuala Lumpur 2023 was brought in as the coach for this roster.

In an earlier podcast on X, CEO Ongko revealed that BOOM Esports will participate in a January 2024 tournament without a stand-in. Instead, they plan to feature a trial player who may potentially sign with the team.

Ongko explained, “The lineup is not fully complete. We’re not using a stand-in. It’s more like a trial, so he’s not officially part of the team yet. It depends on whether he wants to sign.”

Recently, FISSURE along with BetBoom announced the BetBoom Dacha 2024. The tournament's open qualifiers begin on January 3rd, potentially marking the debut of BOOM Esports' new roster.

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