BOOM Esports Annihilates T1 to Win DPC SEA 2021-22 Regional Finals


BOOM Esports

BOOM Esports Annihilates T1 to Win DPC SEA 2021-22 Regional Finals

Rakshak Kathuria
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BOOM Esports took down T1 3-1 to become the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) Southeast Asia (SEA) 2021-22 Regional Finals.
BOOM Esports entered the series with a very aggressive style of gameplay, which it executed flawlessly in all four games. T1 was able to turn things around in the third game to pull out the victory, but it was completely overwhelmed in the other three games.
BOOM Esports wins the grand prize of $50,000 USD and 250 DPC points as the champions of the DPC SEA 2021-22 Regional Finals. T1 wins $25,000 in prize money and 130 DPC points.

BOOM Esports dominated T1 in the grand final to win the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) Southeast Asia (SEA) 2021-22 Regional Finals. The expected outcome was both teams would showcase their skills in a highly competitive series, but BOOM Esports' gameplay execution peaked as it took a resounding 3-1 series win. The team’s aggressive and confrontational style of play was evident in all four games, and T1 was able to stand up to this pressure only in the third game of the series. BOOM Esports just blew out of control in the middle stages of the first, second, and fourth games. T1's troubles were also compounded by Karl "Karl" Matthew Baldovino missing the fourth game of the series because of connection problems.

BOOM Esports wins the grand prize of $50,000 USD and 250 DPC points as the champions of the DPC SEA 2021-22 Regional Finals.

T1 vs BOOM Esports: Match Recap and Highlights


In game 1, T1 drafted a solid lineup against BOOM Esports' heroes, but when it came down to execution, the latter took command. Throughout the game, BOOM Esports' heroes sought out and killed each of T1's heroes one by one. As all of T1's three cores required some amount of farm to be effective, they went outside their base in search of creeps, but the enemies were extremely vigilant and gave no breathing room. On his mid Kunkka, Yopaj was impressive and led his team to victory in 30 minutes.

Game 2 was an even bigger stomp, as T1 could not do anything but watch BOOM Esports take down its towers. BOOM Esports also managed to find some crucial core kills with a few stunning Arrows from Tims' Mirana. With no tricks up its sleeves and only scoring three kills, T1 was dominated by its enemies and lost the game within 21 minutes.

Game 3 started off in the same way that the first two did - BOOM Esports made quick work of finding crucial pickoffs in order to take 5k lead in 19 minutes. With the series on the line, T1 finally brought its tremendous teamfight potential to the fore and by combining this with BOOM Esports' overaggression, T1 remained afloat. BOOM Esports was still on the attack and even retook the lead, but T1 sealed its victory in 41 minutes as a double Rampage from Gabbi turned the tide in favor of the team.

In game four, BOOM Esports deployed a core lineup with a mid Lina and a safelane Templar Assassin. While the team took its time to acquire the starting items on its cores, they began to pick up speed once they had them. Although T1 responded well in patches, BOOM Esports' execution simply got the best of it, losing the game in 36 minutes.


Here are some highlights of the series.

After having lost to T1 in both the upper bracket final of this event and Tour 1 of the DPC, BOOM Esports finally exacts its revenge on the team. And what a time to seek revenge, in the grand finals of the Regional Finals, and what a manner to take revenge - by an impressive 3-1 margin! The drafts from the team were great, and the execution of its aggressive game plan was flawless.

In the Regional Finals so far, Erin Jasper "Yopaj" Ferrer has kept rather quiet, but today he turned up the heat by outplaying the opposing midlaners (Karl and Mc Nicholson "Lelouch-" Villanueva as the stand-in midlaner) in all four games in the lane and then converting these leads into bigger objectives for his team. Timothy John "Tims" Randrup also stood out on Mirana and Pangolier with flawless performances.

While T1 struggled in the first two games, it turned things around in the third and came back from an early deficit to place the series score at 2-1. Unfortunately for the team, Karl was unable to play the fourth game due to internet problems, and the team was forced to use a stand-in. The fourth game was similar to the first and second one where T1 didn't have a move to make, watching its map getting smaller and smaller. This team had a history of coming back from early deficits with top tier teamfight skills in the past, but that didn't happen today.

BOOM Esports emerged as the winner of Tour 1 of the DPC 2021-22 as it placed first in both the regional league as well as the Regional Finals. Following its third-place finish in the league, T1 improved its record in the Regional Finals with a second-place finish that nets it $25,000 in prize money and 130 DPC points.

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