beastcoast Dota 2 players announce free agency 


beastcoast Players Are All Now Free Agents

Dorjee Palzang
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The Dota 2 esports off-season is here and we can expect to see teams announcing roster changes in the next few months.
beastcoast players have announced their free agency via social media posts after the conclusion of The International 2023.

Now that The International 2023 (TI12) is officially over, Dota 2 teams and organizations will look to make roster changes heading into the next season. In the next few months, the community will be treated to numerous and exciting roster changes. Among the first teams to undergo a full revamp was beastcoast. 

In a surprising turn of events, the players of beastcoast bid farewell to the team. David "Parker" Nicho Flores, Gonzalo "DarkMago" Herrera, Rafael "Sacred" Yonatan, Elvis "Scofield" Peña, and Steven "StingeR" Vargas have all left the team. The departure of these players has sent shockwaves throughout the Dota 2 community, leaving fans and analysts to speculate the reasons behind this sudden exodus.

As of now, no official sources have confirmed the precise motivation behind the players' decision to leave beastcoast. However, many within the esports community are speculating that their departure may be linked to the team's underwhelming performance at The International 2023.

beastcoast Players Bid Farewell to the Team

Most beastcoast players took to their personal Facebook accounts to announce their status as free agents. They expressed gratitude to their former team and its supporters, while also signaling their readiness to explore new opportunities both within and outside their regions.

Sacred, Scofield, and Parker conveyed their appreciation with the following statement: "Thanks to beastcoast and all the fans for all the support! I will continue to improve and work to strive until I become the best. I am open to new opportunities in any region. Free agent."

DarkMago, on the other hand, shared a more emotional farewell. He thanked beastcoast for giving him the opportunity to play under its banner.  He noted that there were very good and bad experiences throughout the year, and hoped for better things to come

DarkMago added, “Thank you to the fans for the support, and although this was not a good year, the next one I will give my all so I can achieve something better than last year. As Rocky Luján Carrión said, 'It doesn't matter how many times you fall, it matters how many you get up; failure is not falling, failure is staying down.' Since today, I am looking for equipment, so LFT [Looking For Team]."

While StingeR did not post a statement on his socials about his departure from beastcoast, his liquipedia has been updated, suggesting that all five players have now left the organization.

Meanwhile, beastcoast noted that most teams worldwide are gearing up for next year already and that it’s players are no exception. It added, “And we, at Beastcoast, are dedicated to working with them to accomplish their goals. Most importantly, their pursuit of excellence reflects our commitment to SA Dota, and we'll continue nurturing our region's talent on the global stage.

beastcoast secured an invitation to The International 2023 due to its exceptional performance during the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) season, where it finished the season ranked 9th. At TI12, it was placed in Group C alongside formidable opponents such as LGD Gaming, nouns,, and Gaimin Gladiators.

Regrettably, beastcoast struggled to find its footing during the group stage, ultimately failing to secure a spot in the playoffs. Its group stage performance resulted in a score of 2-6, resulting in an untimely elimination from the tournament. The disappointment was palpable among the players and their fans.

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