Ame Reveals That "Pretending to be a Pro Player" Report Was Not a Dig at Yamsun

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After nouns' match at The International 2023 (TI12), Ame's jestful report of Yamsun for "pretending to be a pro player" became a social media hit, with many mocking Yamsun.
Ame clarified on his stream that the report was a playful jab at retired Dota2 player "old chicken" Zhiyong, and he had no intention of genuinely criticizing Yamsun, even admitting Yamsun's superior gameplay.
Despite the initial misunderstanding, Yamsun openly expressed his admiration for Ame.

After the match between nouns and Azure Ray at The International 2023 (TI12), Wang "Ame" Chunyu's report of Luke "Yamsun" Wang for "pretending to be a pro player" became the talk of the town. The incident spread like wildfire across western and Chinese social media, with many poking fun at Yamsun.

When Yamsun later sat for an interview ahead of his match against TSM, the sting of Ame's words was evident. Yamsun not only expressed his disappointment at the unexpected label but also shared that Ame was someone he deeply admired. Eager to set the record straight in his upcoming game, he said, "Hopefully, I'll impress him today."

The twist in the tale emerged when Ame's stream shed light on the whole incident. Frequently referring to Yamsun as "Blonde Zhiyong" — an homage to the retired Dota2 player Wang "old chicken" Zhiyong due to their resemblance — it became evident that Ame's report was a jest aimed at old chicken, teasingly implying he was impersonating a pro.

Ame Clarifies His 'Report' Gesture, Admits It Was Aimed at Old Chicken

In a clarifying gesture, Ame took to his stream to clear the air. He admitted the error, saying, "I didn't mean to report Yamsun for pretending to be a pro player. I intended to report K1. Yamsun is actually better than K1. I deeply regret my mistake."

The drama saw another twist when, during the same stream, a viewer's query made Ame ponder if he had inadvertently hurt Yamsun, who once counted Ame as his idol. Wearing his heart on his sleeve, Ame once again apologized and humorously conceded that Yamsun was a much stronger player than oldchicken.

nouns went on to secure a convincing 2-0 victory against TSM. Following this triumph, Yamsun took to Twitter to share a playful and cheeky post.

Looking ahead, nouns are set to face Gaimin Gladiators once again in the Lower Bracket round 3, in what appears to be a redemption opportunity for Gaimin Gladiators. Fans are eager to witness whether Gaimin Gladiators can attain success this time, or if nouns will once again emerge victorious, solidifying their previous win as anything but a fluke.

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