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Ame Reports Yamsun 'For Impersonating Pro Player' After Horrendous Performance at TI12

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Ame humorously reported Yamsun's poor performance at TI12.
Ame's lighthearted reporting of Yamsun sparked laughter and amusement among Dota 2 fans.

On Day 1 of The International 2023’s (TI12) playoffs, the matchup between Azure Ray and nouns was rather lackluster. Azure Ray demonstrated its dominance throughout the series, leaving nouns clearly outmatched. Renowned Dota 2 personality and fan favorite, Wang "Ame" Chunyu, was live-streaming the game alongside Zhao "XinQ" Zixing. Ame and XinQ, who were clearly disappointed by the performance they witnessed, took the step of reporting Luke "Yamsun" Wang from nouns due to his poor performance.

This funny moment from Ame’s stream has caught the attention of Dota 2 fans and many of them have been talking about it on social media channels including Reddit.

Ame Jokingly Reports Yamsun for ‘Impersonating a Pro’

On 20th October, TI12 playoffs kicked off and one of the series was between Nouns Esports and Azure Ray in the upper bracket quarterfinals. While nouns was able to defeat Tundra Esports in the group stage, fans expected it to at least put up a fight against the Chinese team. However, this was not the case. Azure Ray stomped nouns and won the series 2-0 and pushed nouns to the lower bracket.

Watching this unfold, Ame and XinQ seemingly had a lot of comments to make about the North American team. 

As seen on Ame’s Bilibili stream, he instantly hit the report button after watching the performance of Yamsun, who went 0/8/1 in the first game and 0/12/14 in the second. Yamsun, who played Treant Protector in the second game, struggled to make a substantial impact on the outcome of the match. His performance was marred by a high number of deaths, tallying 8 in the first game as Enchantress and a staggering 12 in the second.

Following the series, XinQ told Ame he had just reported Yamsun, prompting Ame to do the same.

Ame typed the following message in the report (Text in image translated using DeepL):


Impersonating a professional.” 

Explaining the joke by Ame, one Redditor commented, “The joke here is that, Ame and XinQ kept calling Yamsun "Blonde Zhiyong" in the stream (Name of another retired Dota 2 player Old Chicken) because they look alike. The report is more like a joke to make fun of Old Chicken, saying Old Chicken was impersonating a pro player.

Additionally, Ame also caught Héctor "K1" Rodríguez, the Peruvian carry player for nouns, in a moment of error during the second match. In this critical instance, K1's Faceless Void found itself out of position without buyback, leading to a loss for nouns. K1's execution of his chronospheres also left much to be desired, resulting in several missed opportunities.

Ame was disappointed and reported the player twice after the game in a sense of disappointment.

Fans were quick to point out how “savage” Ame was. One user wrote, “Lmfao, Ame has no chill. Its time to back to pro scene, bro.”  Another Redditor said, “Ame is such a good f**** meme. I remember how in TI8 truesight he said one line total and didnt think much of him but now he is one of my favorites.

Azure Ray has moved on to face LGD Gaming in the Upper Bracket Semi Finals whereas, nouns will have to fight their way towards the Championship from the trenches of Lower Bracket. 

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