A Rapier For Spell Damage? Dota 2 Exploits Adds New Items to Game

Dorjee Palzang
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<div class="paragraphs"><p>New Items Seen In a Dota 2 Match</p></div>
New Items Seen In a Dota 2 Match


The Dota 2 community has been talking about two new items in the game that were not part of the official release: The Caster Rapier and The Aetherial Hammer
In a Turbo game, a players seemed to have gained access to these new items, abusing it in a pub match using an exploit.
The exploit has since been patched out and can no longer be accessed.

The Dota 2 community is abuzz as Patch 7.35 saw the inclusion of three new items to the game and several new neutral items. We also bid goodbye to Quarterstaff, an item that will probably not be missed by the community. In addition, one Redditor recently discovered two particularly new items in the game and noticed that these were not official. This left people scratching their heads and made players wonder what these bizarre items were.

Aetherial Hammer & Caster Rapier: New Items?

In a YouTube video of a public game, we can see a Tinker with unrecognized items called Aetherial Hammer and Caster Rapier. Tinker can be seen using Aetherial Hammer, an upgrade from Meteor Hammer. The Redditor shared screenshots of the two items in the game to discuss further about them.

One Reddit user cleared the air by stating that these two items were not an official part of the game and could not be purchased by combining the components of the items. However, they could still be purchased by buying the item as a whole through code that Valve overlooked. 

If you manage to make these items appear in the shop, e.g. by adding them to a guide or the sticky/favorite section”, he added. He speculated that the Tinker in the video clip must have gotten his hands on the items that way and attributed this to some minor programming error in the code. It has to be noted that this has since been patched, and the items can no longer be crafted in-game by any means

From the video, the descriptions and the features of the two items, Aetherial Hammer and Caster Rapier, were found. 

Aetherial Hammer had a mana requirement of 92 mana and a cooldown of 24 and acted like a meteor hammer. These were its stats:

  • +25 Strength

  • +25 Agility

  • +40 Intelligence

  • +12% Spell Amplification

  • +100% Mana Regen Amplification

  • +36% Spell Lifesteal Amplification

The item also had a passive effect that would increase the targeted spell and item Area of Effect by an undisclosed amount.

Aetherial Hammer

However, the Caster Rapier was a fairly simple item that increased the spell amplification of the user by 50% and like the Divine Rapier dropped on death. The item's description read, “It’s like a rapier for casters!

Caster Rapier

Surprisingly, these items have been mentioned before in Dota 2.

These items were first brought to light by data miners who found lines of code for these two items in the game files. Telegram page “DOTA_DM” shared a post stating that these items were unreleased in patch 7.35.

According to the data miners, the buildup for Aetherial Hammer is Meteor Hammer combined with Ultimate Orb, while Caster Rapier can be built by combining Ultimate Orb and Mystic Staff. Diving further deep, this is not the first time Aetherial Hammer was mentioned, the same data miners found this item in the game on 6th August but it was named Aetherial Halo then.

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