Iceiceice Says TNC Not Qualifying Was His Biggest Surprise in the DPC


Iceiceice Says TNC Not Qualifying Was His Biggest Surprise in the DPC

Rakshak Kathuria
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  • Iceiceice, in a recent Twitch livestream, stated that his biggest surprise in all the DPC regions was TNC Predator's inability to qualify for the Singapore Major.

  • While talking about other regions, the Singaporean felt that OG would qualify for the next Major and also appreciated beastcoast's carry player, K1 Hector.

  • iceiceice will potentially be seen in Dota 2 action from March 31, 2021 when the ONE Esports Singapore Major playoffs begin.

Iceiceice has been casually streaming quite often since the conclusion of the 2021 DPC Season 1 and so keeps putting his views on various DPC events and engages a lot with his audience. In his recent streaming session on Twitch, Daryl Koh "iceiceice" Pei Xiang stated that his biggest surprise of the first DPC season was TNC Predator’s failure to qualify for the ONE Esports Singapore Major. He also talked about OG’s chances to qualify for the next Major and SA player, Héctor Antonio "K1" Rodríguez’s strength as a carry player. In the end, iceiceice also joked about the NA region as he commended himself.

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Iceiceice talks about the teams and players of various DPC regions

In his livestream on March 13, 2021, iceiceice stated that it was weird for TNC to not qualify for the Singapore Major as he had not thought about it.

“So, what was the biggest surprise for me in the regions? It’s TNC not qualifying. I kinda thought that TNC would qualify even with.. like the new roster right. So, yeah it’s kind of weird to TNC to not qualify.”

Despite stating that he did not have enough knowledge about the games and the happenings in other regions like the EU, he felt OG would qualify for the Major and there was something that the general public did not know about the two-time TI champions.

“I think OG will like.. qualify for the next Major. You guys would be surprised if you guys knew what I knew but yeah OG will qualify. I think Nigma will be stronger as well.”

OG, whose players had been longing to play in LAN events, will be missing the first offline DPC Major in 14 months.
Image Via ValveEG’s offlaner was in awe of beastcoast’s carry player, K1 Hector, as he exclaimed him as the best carry player in South American Dota 2. 

“South America. Is Hector in beastcoast? Everytime I think of the SA scene, I think of Hector, that guy is like.. the best carry in SA. He’s carrying the whole SA on his back. Hector man, Hector is good. I don’t know how to say, Hector is like a machine, that’s like the best way to put it. He sees creeps, he goes to creeps and then he carries the game.”

While talking about the NA region at the end, iceiceice jokingly showcased himself as the most superior. 

“In NA, you have EG. This team has like iceiceice. Look at the teams, you have iceiceice + 4. (laughs) That’s the whole scene in one sentence.”

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The Singaporean has been talking and engaging with his Twitch chat to a great extent in his last few streams as he is on a 14-day quarantine at the Fairmont Singapore hotel. This is also the same hotel where the Major is scheduled to take place from March 27 - April 4, 2021. Evil Geniuses will potentially be in action from March 31 when the playoffs begin.

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