Neon Esports vs T1 Tiebreaker: Results, Highlights and Interview


Neon Esports vs T1 Tiebreaker: Results, Highlights and Interview

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  • Neon Esports defeats T1 in a BO3 tiebreaker in the SEA 2021 DPC Season 1: Upper Division. Both teams had already qualified for the Singapore Major earlier.
  • As a result, Neon Esports now finishes second in the DPC League and moves to the Major group stage while T1 finishes third and goes to the Major wild card.
  • Neon Esports win a sum of $28,000 USD and important 300 DPC points while T1 takes $27,000 and 200 DPC points.

Neon Esports finally get their revenge for the loss against T1 in the group stage of SEA 2021 DPC Season 1: Upper Division as they defeat them in a BO3 tiebreaker. Courtesy of this win, Neon Esports now grab a spot in the group stage of the Singapore Major while T1 will be competing in the Major wild card. Neon wins a sum of $28,000 USD and also consequential 300 DPC points, while T1 receives $27,000 and 200 DPC points. Alongside these two teams, Fnatic will be the third SEA team travelling to Singapore as they had already secured a first-place finish and a Major playoffs spot.

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Neon secures Singapore Major group stage spot with a win over T1 in the tiebreakers

Despite already qualifying for the Major, T1 and Neon Esports still had a lot on the line in the tiebreakers.

Neon Esports vs T1 Tiebreaker: Results, Highlights and Interview
Final prize pool and DPC points distribution of SEA 2021 DPC Season 1: Upper Division.
Image Via Liquipedia
Game 1 was an insanely close one as both teams were able to dish out a high amount of damage in teamfights and kill enemy heroes. However, T1’s cores of Queen of Pain and Monkey king died the least and had become six slotted with consumed Aghanim’s Scepters, eventually leading their team to a victory in 57 minutes.

In game 2, T1 was overwhelmed by Neon’s high sustain duo of Death Prophet and carry Io, for the second time in the tournament. Along with that, Yopaj showcased some top-tier Dota 2 gameplay in the midlane with Void Spirit, while their supports played incredibly well, helping Neon secure a convincing win in 47 minutes. 

Game 3 was a stomp by the Filipinos as they convincingly won two out of the three lanes. Yopaj, who had a tough time in the mid lane, managed to recover because of some amazing rotations. While JaCkky on Terrorblade was able to farm, Neon’s tri-core of Queen of Pain, Wraith King and Razor secured their team a victory in 43 minutes.

The full highlights of the series can be viewed in the following video.

Natsumi- talks about Skem and PlayHard’s role swap

An interesting highlight of the series was skem and PlayHard swapping their roles for Neon Esports. While skem took command of the offlane in the series, PlayHard switched to the position four/support role. When asked about the reason behind this change in the post-match winners’ interview, carry player, Natsumi- responded,

“After our loss against T1 two days ago, we, the team, talked about why we lost and PlayHard said that he is not very confident in playing position 3, offlane. So, we got two scrims and skem said that he will play offlane and we tried.“

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Interestingly, skem has occupied the carry role for a number of Dota 2 teams and had switched to the support role for Neon in November 2020 when Natsumi- was recruited as a carry. On the other hand, PlayHard has also played as a position four player for the majority of his Dota 2 career.

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