T1 Qualifies for the Singapore Major; TNC Predator Fails


T1 Qualifies for the Singapore Major; TNC Predator Fails

Rakshak Kathuria
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  • T1 defeats Neon Esports 2-1 and secure themselves the third and final spot at the ONE Esports Dota 2 Singapore Major 2021.
  • Fnatic, T1 and Neon Esports are the three teams from SEA that go to the Singapore Major. Fnatic finishes in the first place while T1 and Neon will play again for the second and the third spot.
  • Unfortunately for TNC Predator and BOOM Esports, they fail to make it to the first Major of the 2021 DPC season.

T1 is the third and final team from the SEA 2021 DPC Season 1: Upper Division to secure a spot in the ONE Esports Dota 2 Singapore Major 2021. Their 2-1 victory over Neon Esports on February 25 means that they have now knocked out TNC Predator and BOOM Esports from the race to the Major. T1, Neon Esports, and Fnatic are the three final teams from the SEA region that will be travelling to Singapore for the Major that is scheduled from March 27 to April 4, 2021, in a LAN setting. While Fnatic has secured a first-place finish and hence moves directly to the Major's playoffs, Neon Esports and T1 will be facing again in a tiebreaker to determine who finishes second and third.

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T1 vs Neon Esports: Match Recap and Highlights

Game 1 was a rollercoaster ride as, despite T1 taking a massive early game lead, Neon was always able to contest them in the teamfights and keep themselves in the game. However, JaCkky was a beast on his safe lane Phantom Assassin as he ended the game with a KDA of 20-3-11 in his team’s favor at 51 minutes.

Game 2 witnessed Neon drafting high sustain and hard to kill heroes in the form of mid Death Prophet, safe lane Io and positive five Abaddon. They played incredibly well as a four man group, giving Natsumi- all the space to farm on Io. JaCkky was able to amass a lot of creep score but Neon was too tanky to bring down as they finished the game in 41 minutes.

Game 3 saw T1 take a comfortable victory as Neon seemed to be outdrafted. None of their cores could get the required space and Yopaj’s mid Earth Spirit looked a bit lacklustre. Karl as well as JaCkky were too strong as they lead their side to a game three win in 35 minutes. 

While T1 and Fnatic were expected to finish in the top three, Neon Esports have produced an incredible underdog story to essentially deny TNC Predator a spot in the Major. TNC’s disastrous loss in their first series of the DPC against Execration has proven to be costly as everyone expected them to win that matchup. They will be dismayed with this result considering they were the leader in the DPC points in the previous season of 2019-20. 

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The tiebreaker between T1 and Neon Esports will be a BO3 one that takes place on February 27. The winner will move to the Singapore Major group stage while the loser gets a spot in the wild card. 

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