DOTA: Dragon’s Blood Anime Likely to Have More Than One Season

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  • DOTA: Dragon's Blood's animatic editor, Robert Meyer Burnett, revealed on his YouTube show that he is currently working on the 24th episode of the anime series.
  • He also stated that the anime is R-rated as besides fantasy, it will be consisting of physically intimate as well as violent scenes.
  • Neither Valve or Netflix has revealed if the anime will be lasting a total of 24 episodes. We might get to know about this when the trailer releases on March 2.

DOTA: Dragon’s Blood, the Dota 2 anime is likely going to have a total of 24 episodes and not just the eight in the first season, as disclosed by Valve and Netflix in their initial announcement. The Dota 2 anime’s animatic editor, Robert Meyer Burnett, revealed a few details about the upcoming DOTA: Dragon’s Blood on his YouTube show, ROBSERVATIONS, which premiered a week ago. He said that the eight-episode series that is to be released on March 25, 2021, as the 'first season' and then also mentioned that he is currently working on the 24th episode of the anime series.

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DOTA: Dragon’s Blood is R-rated and will have 24 episodes.

Burnett, while appreciating the anime, stated that besides including fantasy, the movie also consisted of physically intimate scenes and so was R-rated. He went on to say that the last episode, which Dota 2 fans would usually assume to be the eighth one, was the 24th one and is currently in the works. 

“This show is huge in scope and imagination and if you like fantasy and.. It’s mostly fantasy but it’s pretty great and it’s definitely R-rated, there’s sex, there’s violence and it’s really really complex so it gets really complex. As a matter of fact, I haven’t seen the final episode, the last episode I am gonna work on in episode 24. The show is gonna be done but it’s unbelievable.  

Though there has been no official communication by either Valve or Netflix, Burnett’s words likely mean that the DOTA: Dragon’s Blood anime will last for more than one season at the very least.

Robert Meyer Burnett also stated that though he had been working on the Dota 2 anime since 2019 it had been in development for even longer than that. 

“I couldn’t say anything on the show I have been working on since 2019 and it’s been in development even a lot longer than that and no one knew this show existed. Because it was up to Valve and Netflix to release it."

DOTA: Dragon’s Blood Anime Likely to Have More Than One Season
Luna, Invoker, Dragon Knight and Mirana are confirmed to be a part of DOTA: Dragon's Blood.
Image Via Studio Mir Twitter

Valve also announced yesterday that the anime would be available not only in English but in a total of 12 languages. Additionally, subtitles would be present for 30 languages in total. 

While DOTA: Dragon’s Blood official release is still a month away, the trailer is going to be out soon, on March 2, 2021. It will also be intriguing to see if Valve or Netflix reveals any news regarding the Dota 2 anime having a total of three seasons. 

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