Neon Esports Beats 496 Gaming In a Gruelling Contest At SEA-DPC 2021


Neon Esports Beats 496 Gaming In a Gruelling Contest At SEA-DPC 2021

Rakshak Kathuria
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  • Neon Esports beats 496 Gaming 2-1 to move to the top of the table in Upper Division of SEA-DPC 2021 S1.
  • While 496 won a close game 1, game 2 and 3 were absolute stomps in favor of Neon Esports as they played some crisp and quick Dota.

A series that involved an absolute massacre of heroes ended in Neon Esports’ favor in the Upper Division of SEA-DPC 2021 S1. They were able to beat 496 Gaming 2-1 in the second series of the day and now find themselves on top of the table with two wins in two series. 

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Neon Esports is looking strong in the Upper Division of SEA-DPC 2021 S1

While the first series of the day ended in Execration’s favor as they registered a massive upset over TNC Predator, the second series was expected to be a close affair between Neon Esports and 496 Gaming.

Game 1 witnessed both teams constantly engaging in small skirmishes registering a total of 15 kills at the 10-minute mark only. With the game remaining evenly poised even at the 40-minute mark, it was all down to getting favorable initiations in teamfights. 496 was able to hold their nerves and deliver some solid jumps in late-game crucial fights which handed them the victory in game 1 in 56 minutes. 

Game 2 was a one-sided affair in favor of Neon Esports as the Filipinos had a better draft and quickly snowballed from an early lead. 496 lacked synergy in their heroes as they needed to snowball themselves with a carry Bounty Hunter and a mid Windranger but Neon played some crisp Dota, killing heroes and taking objectives to end it in 28 minutes.

Game 3 kickstarted in a chaotic manner as we witnessed a 5v5 fight take place in the first 50 seconds leading to eight kills. The game was an absolute bloodbath as Neon’s early-game focused draft featuring a core trio of Ember Spirit, Batrider and Mars were crushing the side of 496. Neon had a networth lead of 27k at just 24 minutes of the game which forced 496 to tap out of the game.

Neon has kickstarted its 2021 DPC campaign with two wins in two series and now finds itself on top of the table. Some tough matchups still await them in the competitions as they face their next series against TNC Predator on January 30. 

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496 Gaming will be disappointed with their performances in game 2 and 3 after showing some solid and disciplined gameplay in game 1. They had some bad hero combinations and made some risky calls which seemingly led to their demise in both the games. With one win and one loss after two series, 496 will look to get themselves together to deliver a strong performance in their next series which takes place on January 28 against BOOM Esports. 

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