Abat Goes Back to Cignal Ultra After Posting That He Was LFT

Abat Goes Back to Cignal Ultra After Posting That He Was LFT

Rakshak Kathuria
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  • Cignal Ultra carry, Abat, had recently announced search for a new Dota 2 team.
  • However, he played for the team today in their first series of the Lower Division of SEA-DPC 2021 against ZeroTwo.
  • Neither Abat nor Cignal Ultra has issued any communication on this matter.

Carry player for Cignal Ultra, Denz Daryll "Abat" Anedez, played for the team today, in their first Lower Division match against ZeroTwo despite just recently announcing his search for a new Dota 2 team. 

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Abat is back to playing for Cignal Ultra

On January 9, 2021, while Cignal Ultra was competing in Stage 2 of the closed qualifier in SEA-DPC 2021, Abat communicated ‘LFT’ through a Facebook post which directly meant that he had parted ways with the Filipino squad. 

However, his search for a new team seems to have been short-lived. Today, in a very surprising revelation, he played for his ex-squad, Cignal Ultra, as its carry in their first series in the Lower Division of SEA-DPC 2021 S1 against ZeroTwo. 

The Cignal Ultra organization did not make any public announcements on this matter despite Abat announcing his search for a new Dota 2 team. In Stage 2 of the closed qualifier, they had played the remaining series in the qualifier with their coach, Jae “Jae” Paulo, as a stand-in. Also, they forfeited one of their matches in the qualifier.

As for Abat, he has deleted his ‘LFT’ Facebook post and has not made any other announcement about going back to Cignal Ultra. 

According to the Valve rules, a team needs to play with the same team in the qualifiers and the Regional League. A team is only allowed to play with a substitute for a maximum of four matches in one season of Regional League. It is likely the reason for Abat's return to Cignal Ultra. 

Recently Godz, from BTS (NA DPC League Hosts) stated that Valve's rules clearly mentioned that teams will have to compete with the same 5 man roster that qualified for the DPC in the open qualifier. However, it is unclear whether this applies to teams who competed in the Closed Qualifier.

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Standings of Lower Division: SEA-DPC 2021 S1The team has, however, kickstarted its DPC campaign with a win over ZeroTwo. They will look to take this momentum forward and grab some wins to finish in the top 2 of the Lower Division that promotes them to the Upper Division in the next season. 

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