B8 Esports Might Have to Roll Back Their Latest Roster Change


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B8 Esports Might Have to Roll Back Their Latest Roster Change

Rakshak Kathuria
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  • B8 Esports might have to roll back their latest roster change which involved their support, 5up's, exit.
  • According to a couple of CIS Dota 2 managers, a team needs to play with the same roster in the qualifiers and the Regional League. If a replacement is used, the team can only play a maximum of four matches in one season.
  • B8 Esports is yet to comment on this matter or announce 5up's replacement.

B8 Esports’ roster change from a day ago where they let go of their position 4 player, Enis "5up" Elfki, may have to be rolled back by the organization as per a couple of Dota 2 managers. According to them, B8 can only play a maximum of four matches in the Regional League if they replace 5up with a new player. 

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Valve’s Rules Might Cause B8 Esports to Revert Their Decision

In what was already a very shocking decision, 5up’s removal from B8’s roster after he helped the team qualify to the Lower Division of CIS-DPC 2021 has attracted a lot of scrutiny. The Ukrainian squad might have to call back their support player or not be allowed to play more than four matches in the Regional League with a new player. 

Alliance’s manager, Maria Gunina, was the first one to point this out. Russian-language commentator, Alexey "BafiK" Bafadarov, had asked on Twitter who the replacement of 5up would likely be. 

Maria responded that B8 might have to roll back the roster change because Valve’s rules mention that any replacement to the registered roster (5up’s replacement in this case) can only be used for a maximum of four matches during the season. 

Translation: I'm afraid they'll have to do a rollback. There is information that the substitution can only be used for 4 matches during the season.

She also added that a team needed to play with the same roster in the Regional League as they had in the Decider Tournament (the qualifiers stage).

Translation: You have to play the same lineup that played in the decider. Legitimately you can use 1 substitution for 4 games during the league.

If Gunina’s claims are valid, B8 has now locked their roster for S1 of the CIS Regional League with 5up in it. Any replacement player will be now only be considered as a temporary substitute instead of a permanent addition, which would allow B8 only to play four games with the new player.

She also added that this was a recent development, making this situation awkward. HellRaisers’ manager, Aldar Dzhambinov, also confirmed that all the managers had received a mail from Valve.

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B8 has not revealed the replacement of 5up as of now. If the two Dota 2 managers’ claims stand true, Dendi’s team will have to revoke their roster change and recall 5up to be eligible to compete in the first season of the DPC Leagues.


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