Fnatic Coach Sunbhie Criticizes South American Dota Players


Fnatic Coach Sunbhie Criticizes South American Dota Players

Rakshak Kathuria
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  • Fnatic coach, SunBhie, criticized the unprofessional attitude he felt South American players had in pub matches.
  • He stated that the players from SA Dota complained about their scene all the time when they themselves are unprofessional like griefing and going afk in pubs.
  • SunBhie did not respond to the counter statements by a couple of SA Dota personalities.

One of the most distinguished player-turned-captains, Lee "SunBhie" Jeong-jae, who has always openly expressed his opinions on Twitter regarding a number of topics, recently talked about South American Dota Players and called them out publicly. 

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SunBhie Calls Out South American Dota Players

SunBhie, in a tweet, stated that South American Dota love to complain about the “shit” their scene receives but on the contrary, the “sponsored players” that they comprise of have the least level of professionalism in pubs. According to him, this low level of professionalism was showcased by them in the form of “afk, griefing games out of spite etc.” He concluded by saying that if their players do not respect the game, they can not really complain about the Dota scene that does not value them. 

SunBhie did not mention the instance or event in the pubs that prompted him to write about this. 

In the SA scene, Popular commentator Alvaro "AvoPlus" Sanchez Velasco, countered his view stating that it was unfair to make this comparison.

Fnatic Coach Sunbhie Criticizes South American Dota Players

Coach of SA team, Crewmates, PDS, also asked the Korean to elaborate on this event.

The coach for Fnatic seems to be having a lot of issues in his pubs recently. On December 23, he condemned the players who ruin games and expressed his want to have a good Overwatch system that could punish such players.

Valve has been communicating for a couple of months now, about their developments in introducing the Overwatch feature. Once implemented, the feature would allow certain qualified and experienced players to evaluate match conduct, cheating, and other reports and apply bans if found necessary. 

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Author’s Opinion: While SunBhie might have genuinely run into a couple of toxic South American Dota 2 pros in his pub matches, it really does not bode well to generalize and criticize an entire community just because of a few bad apples.


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