Nigma Makes Insane 'Rat' Play To Win Against Mega Creeps


Nigma Makes Insane 'Rat' Play To Win Against Mega Creeps

Rakshak Kathuria
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  • Nigma pulls off a miraculous game 2 victory against mega creeps to beat Gambit Esports 2-0.
  • While Game 1 was relatively easier, Nigma realized they were too weak to teamfight in Game 2 and so resorted to a rat Dota play which unbelievably worked for them.
  • With this series win, Nigma moves to the lower bracket playoffs of Division 1 while Gambit gets a spot in the upper bracket playoffs of Division 2.

We witnessed another bewildering comeback by Nigma the previous day at EPIC League as they overshadowed mega creeps, a 30k gold deficit, and an unfavourable 10-39  scoreline to secure a mind-boggling victory over Gambit Esports. They went all-in for rat Dota, and it paid off, securing them a spot in the playoffs of Division 1.

In Game 2, Nigma had lost a number of teamfights and massively lagged behind the cores of Gambit Esports. They tried out a rat Dota play with Miracle- on Troll Warlord and w33 with a Leshrac which surprisingly worked out for them as the last tick from Leshrac's Diabolic Edict destroyed Gambit Esports' Ancient.

Nigma Pulls Off A Miraculous Rat Dota Play At EPIC League

Having lost the final upper bracket spot to Team Secret in the tiebreakers, Nigma had to go through a play-in stage against Gambit Esports to reach the lower bracket playoffs of Division 1. They were able to beat Gambit 2-0 in a fascinating series in which they showcased out of meta drafting and a spectacular comeback play.

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Game 1 witnessed Nigma drafting Riki for Miracle- in the safe lane- a hero that he is hardly seen playing in either pro or pub matches. However, Nigma looked clear in the execution of their draft as they played a very fast-paced game, not allowing the enemy carry of Faceless Void to grow into a beast. Nigma kept hunting down Gambit’s heroes and ended the game in 36 minutes to take a 1-0 lead.

Game 2 was arguably one of the most enthralling games in the event. Nigma went in for a safe lane Troll Warlord and Leshrac for w33 in the mid lane. The game was evenly poised after the laning stages, but Gambit picked up a lot of farm on their mid-Doom and carry Spectre. Miracle- could never stand toe to toe against Gambit in any of the major teamfights as he always got doomed to death. All of Nigma’s cores lagged behind the respective enemy ones, which prompted them to only focus on split pushing. 

Nigma's heroes were bleeding right, left and centre but still managed to pull off a miracle in Game 2.
Image Via DotaBuff
Fortunately for them, w33 had been able to take down the bottom barracks early in the game with the help of a big creep wave. Nigma relentlessly pushed the side lanes and kept forcing Gambit to deal with the split push. But Gambit was way ahead in the game, and they had almost sealed the game by securing the mega creeps at the 43-minute mark. Nigma’s last hurrah was to try out a cheeky rat play to take down the Ancient of Gambit. Miracle- and Kuroky smoked near Gambit’s base and waited for w33 to respawn. On realizing it was going to be too late since Gambit was also pushing on the other side, Miracle went in for the solitary Tier 4 tower with a fresh Desolator pick. Gambit immediately teleported to their base with the Spectre haunting in on Miracle-. Kuroky skewered her away and forced an RP. Miracle- switched on his Ultimate and kept bursting the Ancient. In the meanwhile, w33 has respawned on Leshrac and had also reached the enemy Ancient. Miracle- died with only 250 HP remaining on the Ancient and w33 tried his best to take it down with his Diabolic Edict. Though w33 also died, a last tick of the spell took down the enemy ancient, winning Nigma the series and a spot in the playoffs of Division 1. 

Just Nigma things.

They pulled off a game in their advantage that seemed to have been lost so much time ago. Gambit’s victory probability remained stagnant on ‘almost’ while Nigma’s changed from impossible to possible to reality in just seconds. Despite showcasing some high-quality Dota, Gambit failed to close out the game and force a game 3. They will be massively disappointed with this loss and now find themselves back to Division 2- in the upper bracket playoffs. 

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Nigma displayed a similar type of insane play at the OMEGA League where Miracle- was able to defend a 50 HP throne for multiple minutes with the bubble spell from Arc Warden. The stupendous throne defense made the Dota 2 viewers go berserk and went down into history as one of the most memorable moments in pro-Dota. 

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