Puppey and Zai Didn’t Want To Go To America For The LA Major


Puppey and Zai Didn’t Want To Go To America For The LA Major

Rakshak Kathuria
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  • Puppey in a recent interview stated that Team Secret cared a lot about their health, especially him and Zai.
  • He said that during the time of Los Angeles Major, Valve was asking the teams to come play offline but his team was worried about the pandemic.
  • Like other esports titles, Dota 2 has transitioned from an offline to an online format since the health crisis began in March 2020.

In an exclusive clip posted by the Twitter handle of Team Secret, captain Clement "Puppey" Ivanov reflects on how the team takes care of themselves in the ongoing pandemic. He also stated that when the outbreak happened right before the ESL One: Los Angeles 2020 Major, Team Secret was really worried about visiting America for the tournament. 

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Puppey Talks About Team Secret’s Approach To Health In The Current Pandemic

Captain of Team Secret, Puppey, in an interview clip, was asked if the team cared about their health to which he replied,

"My team cares about health a lot. There is mental health too. We do not like to do things that can make us sick. We are solid people who do not want to do anything crazy like some stupid people who make changes in their diet and starve themselves to look a little slimmer. 

When this pandemic erupted me and Zai were worried to go to America (for the LA Major in March 2020). I know other teams still wanted to go to America but not in our team. Other teams and Valve were like, 'Nono, you keep going, you keep going. Come on. 'Me and Zai were talking to each other and were like, 'This is not happening. We are not going. I don't care.' 

Honestly, we didn't know anything at that time, and we felt it was incorrect for health reasons to go. YapzOr is also similar in that way if he feels something iffy, he does not want to do that thing because he does not want his mom to be on the other side of the world and hearing about the pandemic. They do not want their families to worry about them, and neither do we want to risk our lives."

Secret transitioned into an all dominant team as regional leagues began, winning eight tournaments in a row.
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This seemingly everlasting period of online Dota 2 began in March after global lockdowns were imposed to avert the virus’s spread. As a result, the ESL One Los Angeles 2020 Major, the third major of the DPC 2019/20 was the first to get fragmented into online regional leagues. Subsequently, organizers came up with more and more regional tourneys to continue with competitive Dota 2.

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Valve postponed The International 10 to 2021. Their inability to hold DPC tournaments severely impacted a lot of teams. As a result, for the last few months, many Dota 2 teams in various regions have disbanded. However, Valve’s recent blog post revealing their plans to resume the DPC on January 18, 2021, is likely to halt these disbands. Perhaps, we might also be witnessing their return in the near future. However, offline events still seem to be months away as second waves of the Pandemic have emerged in various countries.

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Team Secret is currently playing at the online EPIC League and face their next matchup against Virtus.pro in the upper bracket playoffs on December 8. 

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