5men Ace Forgets To Pick Up The Aegis, Gifting Nigma a Win at ESL One Germany 2020


5men Ace Forgets To Pick Up The Aegis, Gifting Nigma a Win at ESL One Germany 2020

Rakshak Kathuria
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  • Team Nigma beat 5men 2-1 to reach the playoffs of ESL One Germany 2020.
  • A costly mistake by Ace in Game 2 where he forgot to pick up the Aegis after killing Roshan was the turning point of the series.
  • They will now have a couple of days off as playoffs begin on October 23.

After being gifted an Aegis by 5men’s carry player Ace who seemingly forgot to pick it up, Nigma have managed to make it to the playoffs of ESL One Germany 2020 beating 5men in the deciding series (2-1).

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5men carry Ace Forgets To Pick Up Aegis. Costs Them a Spot In The Playoffs

After a scintillating show in the first game, 5men looked all set to knock Team Nigma out of the league and move to the playoffs. Having a networth lead of around 3k at the 24th-minute mark, 5men wanted to kill Roshan and grab the aegis so as to accelerate their lead even further. They managed to kill the Roshan but Ace somehow forgot to pick up the Aegis. 5men backed off as they had lost their supports which gifted Miracle- with a free Aegis that completely turned the game into Team Nigma’s advantage. 

Players and fans were amusingly surprised by the ridiculous way this played out.

A few fans commented that this was the biggest misplay that they had seen with an Aegis, even topping kyxy's infamous Aegis deny.

While others just chose to look at the funnier side of things.

Following the conclusion of the series, Ace apologized to his fans for this misplay stating that this will never happen again.

Nigma Makes It To The Playoffs of ESL One Germany 2020

Team Nigma has had some dismal performances in recent times where their players have given off free kills or there has been a lack of communication during crucial team fights. 

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The issues are still there to be fair, but they emerged as the winners after they defeated 5men to secure the 3rd crucial win which was required to reach the playoffs. 

Game 1 was an absolute stomp by 5men as they outdid Team Nigma both in the draft and gameplay. Team Nigma started their draft with a confident-looking Anti-Mage for Miracle-. Though w33 did well in the mid lane on Lina, other lanes were lost for Team Nigma. They tried their best to make space for Miracle- so that he could pull off a comeback but 5men was on point with their gameplay. They never provided any farming room for Miracle and ended the game in 34 minutes.

Game 2 was an absolute funfest for the viewers as both the teams made some reckless decisions which constantly turned the game in other team’s advantage. 5men had the lead for a major part of the game but some good teamwork from Team Nigma pulled the game back in their advantage. Miracle-’s Faceless Void was 6 slotted and proved to be unkillable with an Aegis. The game was a bloodbath as Team Nigma held their nerves to close the game out in 44 minutes.

Miracle- was the star of the third game as he went ham on an empowered Sven. Team Nigma looked an altogether dominant team in this game while 5men seemed to have lost the momentum following the defeat in the previous game. 5men did have a couple of good fights but Team Nigma always had a firm grip over the game. Miracle- after picking up the Aghs flew like a Superman, punching his enemies down. The game eventually ended in Team Nigma’s favour with Miracle-’s insane KDA of 22-2-11.

Team Nigma will look to carry this momentum forward and deliver some good performances in the playoffs which begin on October 23. Tougher matchups await them so Team Nigma will need to quickly sort out the ongoing problems in their gameplay. They are certainly a champion team and one can always expect them to win any series. 

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