MoonMeander Airs His Concerns With The Tier 2 Ecosystem

Rakshak Kathuria
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  • MoonMeander in a tweet has said that the distribution of funds between Tier 1 and Tier 2 teams in Dota 2 is "insane."
  • According to him, there is instability in the professional scene which is leading to roster disbanding and reshuffling.
  • He wants equal distribution of tournaments between different tiers so everybody can benefit monetarily.

We have yet another professional Dota 2 player speaking about the dismal competitive Dota 2 scene. This time, it is Cr4zy support player David "MoonMeander" Tan pointing out the vast difference in the distribution of funds between Tier 1 and Tier 2 teams in Dota 2. He stated his points through his twitter handle, explaining how Tier 2 teams are finding it hard to survive due to the substantial lack of funds.

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Moonmeander Questions Explicit Instability in The Dota 2 Professional Scene.

As the competitive scene of Dota 2 attracts more and more criticism from various players and casters, MoonMeander has stated some facts which provide insights about the reason for this criticism. According to him, if, as a team, you are placed in the top 12 in the DPC and 2nd in your respective region, “will net you around 50k~150k USD a year.” Further, he stated that if it was a Tier 3 team, they were only likely to get between $25k-30k USD a year. However, he also added that these are pre-pandemic numbers. 

MoonMeander drew attention to the extensive gulf between top teams and other lower-tier teams with respect to ‘funds’.

Following this, MoonMeander called for stability in the Dota 2 scene as he alluded that a number of teams have disbanded in various regions due to this factor. He stated that there is uncertainty around player incomes in every Dota 2 region except the European scene which boasts of a lot of top teams in the world and a thriving professional scene. He claimed that teams needed to be in the top 2 in all other regions to survive. Even so, he added that the number one team in the Americas, Qunicy Crew has not been able to find an organization.

In his last tweet, he puts forward his opinion of holding more leagues for Tier 2 teams and providing their players better salaries. 

MoonMeander has genuinely pointed out some interesting statistics which show the difference between the incomes of Tier 1 and Tier 2/3 teams. He has also voiced his opinion of bridging the gap between the tiers amidst a grim competitive season. 

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Many other professional players/ casters have expressed their concern over the depleting Dota 2 scene including ppd, Havan Liberty’s coach Astini, Fear and 1437. Recently, Russian commentators NS and Maelstorm also highlighted the possibility of League Of Legends overtaking Dota 2 in the CIS region in the years to come. 

With a number of players from various different regions sharing a lot of similar opinions regarding the current state of professional Dota, is it time for Valve to come up with more and better opportunities, rather than just assisting third parties in organizing their tournaments? 

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