TI10 Prize Pool Crosses $20 Million Mark

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TI10 Prize Pool Crosses $20 Million Mark

Following the release of the TI10 Battle Level Bundle for the Battle Pass which increased TI10’s prize pool by $2 Million in just two hours, The International 10 prize pool crossed the $20 Million mark in record time.

TI10 Prize Pool Crosses $20 Million Mark in Record Time

The International 10’s prize pool crossed the $20 Million mark on 26th June 2020. In comparison, this is a full 19 days ahead of TI9’s Battle Pass—and more than 30 days ahead of TI8’s Battle Pass. Last year, at the same point of time in TI9’s Battle Pass, it only managed to raise $16.4 Million, almost $4 Million lesser than the current TI10 Battle Pass.

It only took 31 days for TI10’s Battle Pass to achieve this result after its release. 

TI10 Prize Pool Crosses $20 Million Mark

The biggest reason for this rapid increase in prize pool and such a massive difference between TI10’s Battle Pass and previous editions of the Battle Pass is the fact that Valve has released the Battle Level bundle much earlier this time around.

Valve released the Battle Level Bundle for TI10, 30 days after the release of the Battle Pass. In comparison, it released the Battle Level Bundle 51 days after the release of TI9’s Battle Pass and 48 days after the release of TI8’s Battle Pass.

Another factor that could explain this rapid increase is the fact that Valve enabled multiple purchases for Battle Level Bundles this year. Each player is allowed to purchase up to two Battle Level Bundles. Although players could use bugs to purchase multiple Battle Level bundles in previous years, anyway, no one can deny that Valve making things easier, has increased sales of the Battle Level Bundles.

TI10 Prize Pool Crosses $20 Million Mark

TI10 Battle Pass

So what are you waiting for? If you want to get the maximum value for your money with your TI10 Battle Pass, purchasing the Battle Level Bundle will be ideal. It really will help you get that elusive Wraith King and Queen of Pain, if you manage to level up your Battle Pass efficiently and effectively.

How to do that? Well here’s a handy guide.

This year's Dota 2 Battle Pass, was released on 25th May and has been touted as one of the best ones yet. It consists of numerous features and cosmetics including;

  • Guild System

  • Three Arcanas

    • Wraith King - Released

    • Queen of Pain - Released

    • Windranger - To be released

  • Two Alternate Personas

    • Puppet Pudge - To be released

    • Female Anti Mage - To be released

  • Immortal Treasures (1 released, 2 to be released)

  • Mini-Games during pauses

  • Caster voice packs

  • Taunts

  • Custom Game Mode (To be released)

  • Two Cavern Crawls

  • Side Shops

  • And more.

25% of the funds collected from the purchase of Battle Pass or levels will go towards The International 10's prize pool. On 15th June, this crossed $15 Million in record 

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