A tl:dr of The International 10 Battle Pass

Vignesh Raghuram
25/May/2020 07:47 pm
  • Valve has released the TI10 Battle Pass.
  • It features 3 Arcanas, 2 Hero Personas, A Guild System, A new custom game, New Cavern Crawls, Voice Packs, and loads of other cool features.
  • As usual, 3 purchase options are available.

It is here! It is finally here. As promised, Valve has finally revealed the new Battle Pass for this season, and we gotta say it is so damn good. 

The TI-10 Battle Pass doesn’t just come with the usual collection of special items and cosmetics, instead, it features a brand new guild system, 3 ARCANAS, 2 New Hero Personas, new game modes, mini-games, new features, consumables, challenges, and a whole bunch of new unique rewards that we’ve never seen before.

Here’s a brief summary of what the Battle Pass contains:

Three Arcanas

Wraith King (Yes it is the Skeleton King one):

Queen of Pain:


Hero Personas

A Toy Pudge Persona:

The fearsome butcher has been transformed into a toyish hero, similar to the kid Invoker persona released last year.

A Female Anti Mage:

3 Immortal Treasures of which 1 has been revealed:

Other Stuff

Guild System:
Where you can gang up with your friends, complete challenges together, chat and hangout with your Dota buddies

A Special Summer Event:
A new game mode which eerily sounds similar to the Siltbreaker Game Mode which was a co-op RPG game that everyone praised for its level design.

New Cavern Crawl

Battle Gauntlet:

Where you place tickets and compete for more Battle Points.

Bounty Killing:

You can place bounties on enemy heroes before each Dota 2 game, which if completed, will earn Battlepoints for your team.

Pause Screen Playground:

Three mini-games that can be played during the pause screen.

And all the other usual stuff like custom towers, cosmetics, sound packs, caster voice packs, couriers, announcers, river vials, etc. You can find all the details about the Battle Pass HERE.

Players can purchase the Battle Pass at several different levels, starting with the basic pass, which is priced at $9.99. There two other variants also available. You can buy 50 levels for $29.35 or 100 levels for $44.99.

You can purchase the Battle Pass HERE.


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