Is Dota 2 Down? How to Check Dota 2 Server Status, Problems, and Outages


Is Dota 2 Down? How to Check Dota 2 Server Status, Problems, and Outages

Dorjee Palzang
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Just like any other online game, Dota 2 may also find its servers going down from time to time
Inorder to know if its your connection or the game server's connection problem. We've compiled three websites that you can use to see if the game servers is down or not
Additionally, we've also included a link to the Dota 2 Reddit community where you can get the first reports of any possible server downtime

In the world of online gaming, nothing is more dreadful than seeing your favorite game servers offline. Just like all the online games that face connection problems from time to time, Dota 2 also gets its fair share of downtime.

However, in comes the dilemma of whether it’s your connection or the game’s server that’s down. To tackle this problem there are several ways through which you can confirm if it's you or the game causing the issue.

In this article, we will take a look at all the different tools available at your disposal to check if there are any problems with the game servers.

Dota 2 Down? Check The Links Below:

If you have suspicions that Dota 2 might be down then you can check out some of the websites mentioned below. A good way to know if your game servers might have a problem is when you see a message on top of your game screen that says, "Lost Connection To Steam"

Steam Stat

One of the most popular websites to check whether a Steam game server is down or not is The website automatically refreshes every 45 seconds and even shows you interesting stats like players online in the last 24 hours, current active players, and monthly player records. The website keeps track of all Steam servers and game coordinators.


Second in the list is a website known as, this website unlike works by taking in user feedback. Whenever a game server goes down, players will report it to the website, and according to several inputs, the website will display if the game is confirmed to be down or not.


Third on the list is a website similar to In addition to the similar features that downdetector offers, this website also shows a heatmap of the world from where the reports of the server being down have originated, giving you a good feel if you should have been affected by the problem or not. 

These are just the top three websites to check if Dota 2 game servers are down or not, in addition to these, you can also check the Dota 2 Reddit community for any updates regarding the game.

The Dota 2 Reddit community remains vibrant and kicking at any given time and it can be assured that if a Dota 2 server goes down, the Reddit community will be one of the first to report the issue. 

However, if none of this website or the Reddit community seem to hint towards a possible server downtime, then the problem is most likely your internet. You may try to restart Steam, your PC, or change your Internet connection in order to see if any of these steps fix your problem. 

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