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Top Five Dota 2 Sets for Pudge That You Can Purchase

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Take a look at the top five sets that you can purchase to glam up your Pudge.
All sets mentioned in the list are purchasable and can be bought through the Steam Marketplace.

The Butcher more commonly known as Pudge is undoubtedly Dota 2 community’s favorite hero. Nothing beats the satisfaction of landing a hook on a foe and dismembering the enemy while suffocating them with rot.

Growing stronger with each kill, Pudge grows in power over time as his stacks of Flesh Heap start growing in numbers. The very concept of the character instills fun into the game and other titles like Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) have also taken inspiration from the hero in the form of Franco.

While Pudge is a rather common hero of choice, throwing in some cosmetics for the hero can make your Pudge stand out from that of others.

Best Hero Sets for Pudge in Dota 2

Cosmetics are a big part of Dota 2, as they add a unique flair to your character, giving it more life and additionally giving you a personal sense of ownership.

While there are a variety of sets to choose from, we have put together a list of five hero sets that you can purchase and customize Pudge to make him feel more personal.

Let’s have a look at the top five hero sets that you can buy for your Pudge.

1. Feast of Abscession Bundle

Feast of Abscession is Pudge’s Arcana and the list would not be justified if it wasn’t at the top of the list. This unique arcana has a variety of special effects in the Dismember skill that is unique to your foes and it even includes a taunt in the bundle.

The Arcana notably has two styles, the second style which you need to unlock requires you to win against Rubick just twelve times and you get access to a cool green version of the Arcana.

You can pair this Arcana with the Immortal Hook and Arms to give it more style and make your Pudge stand out from the rest. Released in 2018, you can buy this cool-looking Arcana for $36.

  • Rarity: Arcana

  • Release Date: 3rd April 2018

  • Price (USD): $36

Pudge Arcana

2. Doll of the Dead

In 2020 with the release of The International 10 Battle Pass, Pudge received its first ever persona - The Toy Butcher. Disappointingly, this persona was limited to the battle pass and was not available for sale afterward.

However, with the release of Doll of the Dead in the Dead Reckoning Chest in 2023, The Toy Butcher was included as a complimentary item in the bundle.

It gives Pudge a unique stuff-toy look with custom sounds, animations, and effects. This version of Pudge is one scary stuffed toy giving some serious Chuky vibes! At the time of writing, this bundle starts for as little as $17.

  • Rarity: Legendary (Persona)

  • Release Date: 6th March 2023

  • Price (USD): $17

Doll of the Dead

3. Murder of Crows

Released in 2014, this is the oldest set of the bunch but do not let this date fool you! Murder of Crows set is still one of Pudge’s best sets to date despite its dated design.

It features a crow that hovers around your hero’s shoulder pads and a cool Kinetic Gem called Crow's Feet that changes the Hook animation. It is certainly a set you don’t want to miss out on!

The set notably also features a cute little Dendi doll to pay homage to one of Dota 2’s best Pudge players, Danil "Dendi" Ishutin. You may also notice a change in teleportation animation, at the time of writing the set starts as little as $8.

  • Rarity: Mythical

  • Release Date: 18th March 2014

  • Price (USD): $8

Murder of Crows

4. Candy Cat

This one is for Cat lovers! Released in 2020, The Candy Cat set features an adorable Halloween-themed set for the monstrous Pudge, and did we mention that Pudge hosts a cute orange cat in his belly? The whole design of this set revolves around Pude looking like a big ol’ cat with a Pumpkin head.

Though this set does not have unique icons or effects of any sort, it is certainly a set you’d like to own if you love cats. You can currently buy this set for as low as $1.23!

  • Rarity: Rare

  • Release Date: 29th October 2020

  • Price (USD): $1.23

Candy Cat

5. Surgical Precision

Well if you don’t like cats and are the serious type, the Surgical Precision set is one to watch out for. With a mad scientist green theme for pudge, this set offers unique icons for each spell and may be appealing to many of you! Owning this set will set you back $0.70.

  • Rarity: Mythical

  • Release Date: 23rd January 2015

  • Price (USD): $0.70

Pudge Set

Those were our top five picks for your Pudge set, you should also note that it is often a good idea to mix up these sets for more customizations. 

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