YEKINDAR And Thorin Twitter CS:GO Drama


YEKINDAR and Thorin Exchange Blows on Twitter

Players keep changing as the quarrels repeat every few months.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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An online spat broke out between YEKINDAR and Thorin as the two engaged in a verbal conflict on Twitter.
Thorin started out by pointing that Liquid's performance at EPL S16 would be over hyped without them beating any world class team except Cloud9.
YEKINDAR responded to this by asking Thorin why he keeps hating on Liquid like this and in his later responses he also called him delusional and two-faced.

Team Liquid was phenomenal during the recently concluded ESL Pro League Season 16, finishing as the runner-up following a very shaky group stage performance. Hopes were not high from the North American organization but it still managed to put up a solid fight against Vitality, taking the best-of-five grand final down to the last map.

While the CS:GO community celebrated, there were also a few critics including British esports journalist Duncan "Thorin" Shields. He pointed out that Liquid would now be overrated due to its performance at EPL S16, where the team did not face off against a lot of world class teams.

Mareks "YEKINDAR" Gaļinskis, came forward with a response where he asked Thorin why he kept hating like this on Liquid, while admitting that Vitality was the better team and it deserved to win the tournament.

Unfortunately, this was not the end of this exchange as an online spat arose with the two continuing to take shots at each other.

YEKIDNAR and Thorin take shots at each other on Twitter

Thorin was not too pleased with Liquid's grand final run in the ESL Pro League Season 16, pointing out that the North American team's performance would now be overrated.

YEKINDAR came forward with a response saying "Why you (Thorin) asking for interviews man, if you keep hating like this," admitting that Vitality was better than them and deserved to win.

Initial conversation between YEKINDAR and Thorin

This was followed by Thorin lashing out at YEKINDAR by calling him a "frail little narcissist" and saying that he will never ask him for an interview again. He further added that YEKINDAR's attitude was the reason why CS:GO teams better than Liquid were concerned about signing him.

In response to this, YEKINDAR said that Thorin was being delusional and two-faced, "saying different things to my face on LAN while being disrespectful on the media."

Second conversation between YEKINDAR and Thorin

While this drama unfolded on Twitter there was no bad blood between the two teams. Both teams were satisfied with their efforts after having enjoyed a great series of top-tier CS:GO action.

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