S1mple Takes A Frag Against Fnatic With Just One Hand


[Watch] S1mple Takes a Frag Against Fnatic Using Only One Hand

This guy is in a league of his own!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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S1mple holds an angle on Mirage against Fnatic and takes a frag using just one hand.
S1mple was operating the AWP with just one hand on the mouse, rubbing his eye with the other.
Despite being a whole map down, s1mple was confident enough to pull off this move.

One of the best CS:GO players in the world, Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev, might not be having the best outing at the ESL Pro League Season 16, averaging an overall HLTV rating of just 1.06 in the seven maps that NAVI has played till now.

However, this does not mean that the man is completely out of touch and cannot show his incredibly insane skill in the server.

During the match between NAVI and Fnatic, s1mple was seen taking a kill with just one hand, apparently scratching his eye with the other while holding a crucial angle to prevent a retake from Fnatic.

You might be one of the greatest AWPers of all time, but to pull off something like that so casually when you are a whole map down is a really gutsy move.

S1mple needs just one hand to hold and secure an angle against Fnatic on Mirage

NAVI had lost the opening game on Ancient which was Fnatic's map pick, it did have a decent lead on Mirage but Fnatic up until this point was still fighting hard, making it tough for the Ukrainian side to get a proper flow.

Despite the pressure, s1mple, was taking things light and easy, just going about getting things done. During the 8th round on Mirage, NAVI had got the plant down on the 'A-Site' with four players still up to defend against the two defenders that were attempting a retake.

The NAVI star was holding an angle looking towards the CT side entry into the site with just one hand on the mouse, rubbing his eyes with the other, and still managed to get the better of William "mezii" Merriman.

Even the casters were shocked to see this play from s1mple, "Looks like he is borderline AFK (away from keyboard) with how he is holding these angles," said one of them following this one-handed frag.

S1mple playing with one hand

It is not everyday one gets to see such confidence from a player, especially during a top-tier tournament when you are playing from behind with a whole map down.

Despite these antics and having the potential to pull off incredible feats, the overall performance from s1mple has not been up to the standards that he has set for himself.

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