m0NESY First Pistol Ace With G2 Esports


[Watch] m0NESY Clean Pistol Ace, First With G2 Esports

Just another day of click and shoot for the young talent.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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The talented youngster, m0NESY, secured his first ace under the banner of G2 Esports against BIG.
He took a clean pistol ace in the opening round of the series on Vertigo while playing CT-sided.
He delivered five headshots, four with USP-S and one with Glock-18.

The revamped G2 Esports lineup is competing in its debut tournament at the ongoing BLAST Premier: Fall Groups 2022. It has not been the best start for the international roster as it has faced consecutive defeats in the group stage against Team Liquid and NAVI.

However, things have slowly started to turn around as the team won its first match against BIG in the quarterfinals of the gauntlet stage. The youngster talent from Russia, Ilya "m0NESY" Osipov, delivered a fiesty performance across both the maps - Vertigo and Dust 2.

Not only was he the most outstanding player for the side during this match but he also ended up securing his first-ever ace in the top-tier circuit, taking care of BIG single-handedly in the very first round of the series.

Young m0NESY delivers a clean pistol ace on Vertigo against BIG

The match between BIG and G2 Esports was a best-of-three decider, where the winner moved on to the semifinals of the gauntlet stage while the loser would be eliminated from the tournament.

It was an important match and m0NESY decided to really turn up the heat for it, starting things off with a clean pistol ace on Vertigo, while defending the 'A-Site', and securing his first team wipe under the G2 banner.

The 17-year-old stood steadfast right in front of the ramp leading into the 'A-Site', and connected two really difficult headshots, showing off his insane mechanical skills.

From there m0NESY moved on to take two more frags towards the other point of entry into the site, switching his USP-S for a Glock-18 and continuing his hunt for the last man.

He connected the final shot to complete a clean ace, delivering five deadly accurate headshots to stop BIG's advance in the very first round of the series, crushing their confidence early on in the matchup.

G2 Esports against BIG on Vertigo

By the end of this match, m0NESY had secured a total of 25 frags in 24 rounds and achieved a HLTV rating of 1.63. He continued to showcase this form on Dust 2 as well, hammering 21 frags in 23 rounds and achieved an overall rating of 1.73.

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