m0NESY's Parents On Him Playing CS:GO And Salary In G2


M0NESY Reveals Parent's Thoughts on His Salary in G2 and Him Playing CS:GO

The AWPing sensation seems to have complete support of his family.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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In a recent Twitch stream, m0NESY spoke about what his parents think about his earning in G2 Esports and him playing CS:GO.
His parents are not interested in his earnings. Instead they care about other things like the direction in which his career is headed, how he is doing in G2, and more.
At present his parents don't have any problems with him playing CS:GO, but earlier they used to be concerned about certain things.

One of the youngest CS:GO talents who has rapidly risen to popularity since joining G2 Esports in January earlier this year, Ilya "m0NESY" Osipov with his sensational AWPing skills has cemented himself as one of the best operators of the sniper rifle in the current scene.

A huge part of this success which is also paving his path towards a bright future can be contributed to his parents, who have given him the freedom to pursue a career in CS:GO. This is a rare sight in the esports industry especially for a player who is just 16 years old.

During a recent livestream on Twitch, m0NESY was asked a few questions about what his parents think about him opting for a career in esports, his current earnings with G2 Esports, and other such queries. The response offered by him further proves the kind of positive backing he receives from his family members.

M0NESY shares what his parents think about him playing CS:GO and the salary he earns in G2 Esports

The Russian CS:GO prodigy, m0NESY, at just 16 years of age has started showing glimpses of a future star who has the potential to be among the best players to have ever touched the game. His parents seem to be supportive of his career choice as he has not faced much resistance from them so far publicly.

In an interview with Cybersport.metaratings.ru two months ago, m0NESY's elder brother Andrey Osipov had revealed that at the age of two m0NESY had started playing CS 1.6 and "shot very well". In fact, m0NESY was so good, even at such a young age, that he was banned from some LAN cafes as they thought that he was a cheater.

Andrey played a huge role in convincing m0NESY's parents of supporting his passion towards CS:GO, "I explained to my parents that something could come out of this, don't scold him because he studies well too. We discussed, talked, I gave my example, explained to them, and they were loyal to his hobby."

Since then m0NESY has come a long way, from being a part of NAVI Youth for about eight months in 2020, followed by a promotion to NAVI Junior where he played for another nine months in 2021, to then coming into the spotlight and gaining the opportunity to play for G2 Esports.

m0NESY qualifies for his first CS:GO Major with G2

Speaking about what his parents think of him playing CS:GO, m0NESY gave a light-hearted response saying "Well, now I don't have any problems with my parents. But before I started playing professionally there were problems like them complaining that I play a lot and do not go out. They told me to go out for a walk, you sit in front of a computer all day, I used to say no."

A thing to note here is that, m0NESY's parents never told him not to play CS:GO all they wanted was for him to have a healthy lifestyle. Even when it came to studies there was never any problem because as pointed out by Andrey, m0NESY studied well and there was never any problem related to that topic.

Coming to what m0NESY's parents think about his salary in G2 Esports, the marksman explained that it is the least of their worries and they are not interested in how much he earns (neither is he).

Instead, his parents are more concerned about his current living condition, how he is adjusting to playing with G2, and how is he progressing towards his goals in life.

With positive backing from his family, especially his elder brother Andrey Osipov, m0NESY has the freedom to completely focus on his gameplay in CS:GO and help G2 Esports achieve greater success along with him.

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