S1mple Takes An Insane Ace On Overpass


[Watch] S1mple Hammers NIP With an Insane Ace on Overpass

A highlight for others, just another play for s1mple.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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NAVI star player, s1mple, destroys NIP single-handedly on Overpass during their encounter at IEM Cologne 2022.
Armed with nothing but an AWP, s1mple instead of saving in a 2v5 situation goes for a fight and ends up taking an ace.
NAVI is in the upper bracket finals of 'Group-A' and will be going up against Movistar Riders tomorrow.

Once again NAVI star, Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev, has proven why he is one of the best CS:GO players in the world, as he casually handles an intense situation against Ninjas in Pyjamas (NIP) on Overpass by securing an ace and also getting the defuse.

Despite NAVI's struggles, s1mple is never ready to step off the peddle once he gets going and it was pretty evident by the end of the first map that NIP had caught him on a day when he was in the groove.

Armed with an AWP and facing a 2v5 situation that turned into a 1v3 soon after, s1mple without breaking a sweat cleaned the entire NIP lineup single-handedly to win NAVI its fourth consecutive round of the game.

IEM Cologne 2022: S1mple takes down NIP single-handedly without breaking a sweat

Taking a brilliant ace with an AWP was just another day for s1mple, while the CS:GO community was hyped after watching him single-handedly wrap up the entire lineup of NIP. The Ukrainian AWPer just passed a few fist bumps around and readjusted himself ready for the next round.

During the fourth round on Overpass, NIP had an opportunity to win its first round of the series and they were so close to opening their account but clearly s1mple had other plans. Armed with an AWP, the 24-year-old had no intentions of saving despite facing a 2v5 situation with NIP having control of the 'A-Site'.

He went in and secured two back-to-back frags but lost his teammate during the skirmish, resulting in a highly unfavorable 1v3 situation which was topped off by NIP also having secured the plant.

Without flinching, s1mple kept pressing on and fought his way through the setup to break through the NIP defense and successfully defuse the plant, leading NAVI to win its fourth consecutive round.

He made sure that NIP worked extra hard and gave it their absolute best shot if they wanted to put themselves on the scoreboard in that very round. Unfortunately, s1mple proved to be too big a challenge for the Swedish organization, ending the map with an overall HLTV rating of 1.96 with 22 frags to his name.

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