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[Watch] Olofmeister Seemingly Learns a Smoke Lineup on Mirage While Playing Against FURIA

Olofmeister constantly learning on the job, legend for a reason!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Olofmeister was seemingly seen learning a smoke lineup on Mirage from rain during FaZe Clan's match against FURIA.
Despite it being his first attempt at throwing that smoke, the Swedish legend aced it by throwing the smoke perfectly.
FaZe Clan lost that round but proceeded to win the map with a '16-11' scoreline.

FaZe Clan just cannot catch a break, despite their long slump in performance the team continues to make viral highlights for the most hilarious clips. Just a few weeks back Olof "olofmeister" Kajbjer Gustafsson and Helvijs "broky" Saukants were seen casually playing tic-tac-toe in 'T-Spawn' on Inferno, during an eco round against G2 Esports at BLAST Premier: Spring Finals 2021. Now, the Swedish legend olofmeister was caught seemingly learning a smoke lineup from his teammate Håvard "rain" Nygaard while playing a match against FURIA on Mirage. It is mostly not a good idea to execute something new while competing in CS:GO, but olofmeister being the player that he is ended up throwing the smoke perfectly.

Olofmeister Seemingly Learns a New Smoke While Competing on Mirage

Sure, Gamers Without Borders 2021 is not a very serious CS:GO tournament, mostly being played for entertainment purposes while serving a good social cause. However, being a top-tier competitor no CS:GO team likes to lose no matter the condition.

That being said, FaZe Clan with the type of form that they have shown lately could have used this tournament as a way to boost their confidence ahead of IEM Cologne 2021, which is scheduled to be CS:GO's comeback LAN tournament.

However, the European team was pretty chill, learning new things and playing the game at their own pace, as olofmeister was spotted seemingly learning a smoke lineup from rain on Mirage, right in the middle of their match against FURIA.

From the clip above you can see how right before the halftime with a two-round lead, both rain and olofeister are standing towards the entrance of the 'A-Site'. Rain firing his Deagle and showing olofmeister the smoke lineup to cut FURIA's vision from 'Connector' into the 'A-Site'.

Though it looked like olofeister's first time throwing that smoke, he did a good job with it, covering the area as intended. FaZe did go on to lose that round, but they won the map '16-11'.

FaZe Clan really have to prove themselves at the upcoming IEM Cologne 2021, failing to do so would be hugely disappointing, especially since the lineup has now gotten enough time to practice as a unit.

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