New Runboost Molotov By CPHF On Overpass


[Watch] New Runboost Molotov by CPHF to Get Complete Monster Control on Overpass

This insane Molotov play is going viral across the CS:GO community...

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Copenhagen Flames showcased a new runboost Molotov on Overpass against SINNERS during the European RMR B.
This Molotov took the casters and viewers completely by surprise during the match and it has now gone viral across the CS:GO community.
The runboost Molotov is effective at stopping the T-sided advance towards the 'B-Site' as the CT-side gets an opportunity to take complete 'Monster' control.

Overpass, a map that is generally associated with new boosts of all types has been gifted with a new Molotov lineup courtesy of Copenhagen Flames (CPHF), which if used correctly can completely shut down the attacking side's approach towards the 'B-Site'.

During CPHF's second match at the European RMR B (Regional Major Rankings B) against the Czech esports organization SINNERS, the Danes were seen setting up an odd boost in the 'CT Spawn' before hitting a runboost and throwing a Molotov towards 'Alley'.

While the play did not make a lot of sense initially, the casters quickly caught on to what CPHF had planned and their surprise turned into excitement, as the Danes took complete 'Monster' control and the clip went viral across the CS:GO community.

Copenhagen Flames show off new runboost Molotov on Overpass to get complete 'Monster' control

It is not completely shocking to see something like this being discovered by a CS:GO team on Overpass, a map that has already seen its fair share of broken boosts and what not.

However, to see one being used during the European RMR B was surely a surprise. CPHF was comfortably cruising with a six-round lead against SINNERS during its second match of the Major qualifiers when it decided to show off its new move.

In the ninth round of the map, two CT-sided CPHF players backed into a corner and executed a runboost to throw a Molotov which left the casters and the viewers very confused, until they realized where it had landed.

The Molotov landed on the stairs leading down to 'Tracks' which delayed the push from the attacking side towards 'Monster' and 'Short Tunnel'. This was followed by a smoke landing on top of the burning Molotov to cut off the attacking side's vision, as CPHF took complete control of the side and effectively shut down any advance by SINNERS towards the 'B-Site'.

The spot where the CPHF runboost Molotov lands on Overpass

This move quickly went viral across the CS:GO community and while everyone applauded CPHF for coming up with a brilliant Molotov throw there was a divide when discussing its effectiveness, especially at the professional level.

A player even tried out the same trick during a FACEIT pug and not only did he end up pulling it off perfectly, his team did it with such finesse that three opponents disconnected from the game immediately thereafter.

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