CS:GO Player Finds Unique Triple Boost On Overpass


[Watch] CS:GO Player Finds Unique Triple Boost on Overpass to Peek 'B-Site'

Here is another Overpass boost to add to your list.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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CS:GO player shares an interesting triple boost on Overpass that helps CT-sided players peek towards 'B-Site'.
While three players are required to execute this boost, only two are required to hold the position and the third is free to rotate.
Players utilizing this boost need to be careful as it could be a pixel boost due to one of the players standing on an invisible ledge.

Overpass probably has the most number of boost spots among all active duty CS:GO maps. Many players casual and professional have found a lot of those over the years, however, there always seems to be another one waiting to be found right around the corner.

This time a FACEIT Level 5 player who goes by the name of 'OxyL1ght' on Reddit has shared another one of those 200 IQ boosts, which might be a pixel boost but one could still pull it off during regular ranked matchmaking.

In total three players are required to pull off the triple boost, but the last player is free to rotate once two players are set in their position. This is what makes this triple boost unique though it might require a bit of practice to pull it off efficiently during a game.

CS:GO player finds an interesting triple boost on Overpass to peek inside 'B-Site'

The CT-sided players have to go back and forth quite a bit on Overpass, while there are some triple and quad boost that have been found across the map, they are not always viable due to the commitment it requires from the entire team.

This is exactly why the triple boost found by OxyL1ght is unique, as it requires three players to set up the boost, but only two players are needed to peek over the wall on 'A-Short' to gain a view of the 'B-Site'.

Two players are required to setup a normal boost, the player jumping on top of the first player needs to jump once more and tuck himself in a corner, this might be a pixel boost as the second player is sort of levitating in mid-air.

Then the player who had provided the boost needs to go over and execute a run boost with the help of a third player, jumping on top of the levitating player and that is it.

From the clip above one can see the free vision that the boosted player instantly obtains over one half of the 'B-Site'. However, a thing to keep in mind is that not all the shots might result in a frag as there is an invisible obstruction that has been placed by the developers.

Two AWP shots are required to take down enemy players

While this boost might not be legal in a competitive setting, players can try and utilize it as a special tactic in their pubs, catching their opposition off-guard or at least getting some crucial information passed on to their teammates.

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