[Watch] CS:GO Team Executes Rare 4 Man Boost on Overpass to Confuse Opponents

[Watch] CS:GO Team Executes Rare 4 Man Boost on Overpass to Confuse Opponents

Aditya Singh Rawat
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It is not often that plays made by CS:GO academy teams come into the limelight but in the absence of tier-one Counter-Strike tournaments due to on-going player break, these guys are attracting a lot more eyeballs towards them. The German academy roster of BIG was recently seen executing a rather unusual four-man boost on Overpass that caught their opponents by surprise and led to the team winning the eco-round to reach map point.

BIG Academy Executes Rare 4 Man Boost

This boost executed by the German youngsters was in no way an original boost which they can be credited for, it has been used before in the past as well but it is certainly not something one comes across from time-to-time. It is most definitely one the rarer 4 man boosts to execute and hence something a team is not necessarily prepared to deal with from before.

Which is probably why AVEZ was taken aback when they could not initially figure out where they were being AWPed from, but the team soon caught up to BIG’s antics as the AWPer took quite a bit of damage in return fire.

From the clip above it is pretty clear that what BIG academy wanted to achieve was clearly attained by them as they got two huge kills to equalise the differentiator. Though the round came dangerously close for BIG despite getting the early kills, it was overall a huge win for them as it helped them reach map point while winning the eco round.

The community were divided between BIG Academy actually utilising a great opportunity to execute the unusual 4 man boost from near ‘A-Short’ which was a ‘high risk-high reward’ play and worked in their favour as everyone from AVEZ went towards the ‘B-Site’. While the others criticised AVEZ for not reacting in time to the boost saying that they should have been prepared for it as it is not a very rare boost.

In my opinion, it is a rather unorthodox play and it wasn’t that AVEZ did not know about it but more importantly that they did not expect it. It took some time for them to realise what was going on as we can see Pawe? “byali” Bieli?ski quickly rotate towards the ‘A-Site’ and they actually did quite well even after the initial two-man handicap situation.

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