m0NESY Shares Genius Trick On Mirage


[Watch] m0NESY Shares Genius Fake Jump Trick on Mirage

This kid knows each pixel of every map by heart.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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G2 Esports star player, m0NESY, has shared another clever CS:GO trick, this time on Mirage.
The sound trick on Mirage helps in creating an illusion as if a player has jumped from 'Heaven' on to 'A Site'.
This can be helpful especially in clutch situations to bamboozle the enemy players.

Another beautiful day, another brilliant trick by Ilya "m0NESY" Osipov, this time on Mirage. There is not a single active duty map in CS:GO where this 17 year old has not found a few nifty tricks to bamboozle the opponents.

This time he has found a fake jump trick on Mirage from 'Heaven' to 'A-Site', discovering a particular spot which produces a sound cue similar to that of a player jumping down to the site.

While it may not seem too brilliant, the sound cue has the potential to catch the opposition by surprise as they expect you to be somewhere on the site while you can continue to operate from 'Heaven', 'Palace', or even backtrack after selling the fake.

Another day to learn a cool new CS:GO trick from m0NESY

He might still be in his teens, but m0NESY is a genius of the highest order when it comes to CS:GO. The talented AWPer can easily produce at least five new tricks on every competitive map. His arsenal of executes and ideas are comprehensive, allowing him to be the smarter player.

The best part is that he keeps sharing his finds with the entire CS:GO community, spreading out all the knowledge that he gained instead of using it for his own benefits.

This time he has found an audio related trick, discovering a particular spot near 'Heaven' on Mirage where players can jump, but it sounds as if they have jumped down into the 'A-Site' while in reality they are still holding 'Palace'.

It is a very simple yet effective trick that players can use while both attacking and defending. It will be more useful in clutch situations where all the players are mostly overthinking aspects and reacting to every possible audio cue that gives away information.

Position on Mirage that gives the fake audio cue

The teen prodigy most notably finds utility lineups that give users sort of an unfair advantage, as most of them are based on game bugs that the developers have not sorted out over the many years since the game has been out.

More recently, m0NESY has started sharing gameplay related things that are more useful for casual users and are not dependent on bugs of any kind. This is some real good knowledge being shared by him, giving users more things to work with and keeping the whole experience fun for them.

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