F0rest Accidentally Finds Brilliant Smoke Lineup On Mirage


[Watch] F0rest Accidentally Finds an Incredible Smoke Lineup on Mirage

His excitement was so wholesome!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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CS:GO legend f0rest discovers an ingenious smoke on Mirage by complete accident.
The smoke lineup thrown from 'Underpass' is able to block all vision from 'B Short' allowing players to rush the 'A-Site'.
He was himself very shocked after throwing the smoke and was quite satisfied with himself to have thrown it.

Mirage is one of the oldest CS:GO maps that has never gone out of circulation from the 'Active Duty Map Pool', this means that players have been actively competing on the map ever since the game was released.

Despite being the most played map in regular matchmaking and players having dissected it for every possible utility lineup, it is mystifying how some new nifty trick still continues to get discovered every few weeks.

This time it is the legend himself, Patrik “f0rest” Lindberg, who accidentally came across an ingenious smoke lineup on Mirage, tossing a smoke from 'Underpass' all the way till 'B Short' which even took him by surprise.

F0rest accidentally discovers a genius smoke lineup on Mirage

Sometimes players, especially pros who have a lot of experience in the game, end up doing something brilliant that leads to a great play but is viable only in that particular situation.

However, in this situation f0rest discovered something that did not help him at all in the game but seems to be of immense value for other players to build upon and quickly add to their arsenal of tricks.

While playing T-sided on Mirage, f0rest was quickly making his way towards the 'A-Site' through the 'Underpass'. In order to pull off this push successfully, he had to cover himself from the 'Short B' angle in case a defender was holding that position.

In the flow or maybe it was his instinct, f0rest chucked a smoke towards the 'Bench' which bounced and landed towards 'Short B', perfectly covering his back and making it possible for him to complete his rush.

Smoke from f0rest on Mirage

Though he was immediately taken down by another player holding 'Jungle', the excitement on f0rest's face about the smoke that he landed was enough to show how amazing that play was.

Overall, if someone is able to find a consistent lineup that enables players to land that smoke, it is going to be really useful and even has the potential to become one of the most used lineups due to its viability when pushing through that area.

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