200 IQ Trick By m0NESY To Bait Players On Dust 2


[Watch] Easy 200 IQ Trick by m0NESY to Bait Enemy Players on Dust 2

A really cool trick to get that viral CS:GO clip!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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This time m0NESY shows a proper trick that can be used during regular matchmaking to bait enemy players on Dust 2.
All it requires is an AWP, a decoy grenade, a helpful teammate, and your skill to use the scoped weapon properly.

No, it is not another CS:GO bug utility trick this time from Ilya "m0NESY" Osipov. The ferocious marksman has decided to move on to better things, imparting proper game knowledge that could be more beneficial for the community at large.

During a recent Twitch stream, m0NESY showed a really cool trick that was simple to execute and though it may not fare too well in the professional scene, it is a really neat and effective move that regular gamers can pull off time and again.

All it requires is an AWP and a decoy grenade, a helpful teammate, and you actually being good at using the scoped weapon. If all the pieces fall in place, this trick will fetch you a frag within the first 10 seconds of the round, providing a really early 4v5 advantage.

This super cool trick by m0NESY easily baits enemy players on Dust 2

One of the oldest and most iconic Counter-Strike maps of all time, Dust 2, could be a hard map with players knowing about all the tips and tricks in the book. This is why some new simple tricks is the way forward, like the one shown by m0NESY recently, a great trick for the pubstompers!

The trick can be used effectively while playing as attackers, all that a player need to do is buy an AWP and a decoy grenade, then tell your teammate to jump down Mid from the T-Ramp as you follow him and land on top of him.

While you jump, chuck a decoy grenade which will blow and it will sound like a shot being fired from an AWP, while you prepare yourself behind the stacked boxes at Suicide - scope in and ready to take down anyone who peeks through Mid Door.

This is exactly what m0NESY did and was granted an easy frag within the first five seconds of the round. It is a very simple trick that will take like 10-15 tries to perfect and then regular players can pull it off a few times every match or use it as a special trick for a clutch round.

It can be modified according to the player and can be used in different situations to gain an advantage.

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