HEN1 Uses Teammate Monitor As CS:GO Crashes Mid-Round


[Watch] HEN1 Uses Teammate's Monitor to Play as Game Crashes Mid-Round

When the game gives up before you.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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A mid-round game crash forced HEN1 to play against BIG in a clutch situation using his teammate's monitor.
HEN1 was able to reboot CS:GO and reconnect with the server in time, but his monitor started acting up.
Despite playing with a huge handicap, HEN1 landed a crisp flick with his AWP before going down.

The ESL Pro League Season 16 has been delivering some top-notch action, but nothing goes harder than taking a frag using your teammate's monitor because CS:GO starts acting up for no particular reason in the middle of a round.

During the first game between BIG and MIBR on Vertigo, Henrique "HEN1" Teles was betrayed by the game during a clutch moment as CS:GO crashed mid-round leaving the 27-year-old marksmen helpless.

Though he was able to restart the game quickly and even managed to successfully reconnect to the server, his monitor was still acting up and not showing any visuals, so he had to rely on his teammate's monitor to defend the site.

HEN1 tried to defend site on Vertigo against BIG using teammate's monitor as CS:GO crashes mid-round

Valve has the worst timing when it comes to dropping updates and now it seems to be affecting CS:GO as well.

In the 8th round of the first map - Vertigo, taking place between BIG and MIBR, the latter had already managed to win five rounds as attackers. Getting down another plant on the 'B-Site' and facing a comfortable 3v2 situation with superior weaponry.

Unfortunately, the game crashed leading to an awkward situation for HEN1 who was holding a critical angle to prevent the retake. While he was busy rebooting the game, BIG went in for a retake and managed to take down two MIBR players without taking any casualty.

With things taking a sharp turn, BIG now had an upper hand with a 2v1 man advantage. By this time HEN1 had managed to reconnect to the server but his monitor was acting up so he was dependent on his teammate's monitor to play out the round.

Despite the massive handicap and BIG players working in tandem to hunt him down, HEN1 was able to get a frag on the back of solid flick before going down to the second player.

This round proved to be a crucial loss for MIBR as they gave away eight consecutive rounds to BIG and ended up losing the match with a '14-16' scoreline.

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