Fallen Takes Ace At IEM Rio Major 2022


[Watch] Brazilian Crowd Goes Wild as FalleN Takes Ace at IEM Rio Major 2022

Local hero hypes up the audience despite suffering a loss.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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FalleN secured a clean ace against Team 9z with Dual Berettas on Mirage.
The live audience celebrated the ace with a huge uproar to hype up the home favorites.
Imperial Esports mounted a great comeback but fell just short of going the complete distance.

Two out of the three Brazilian teams participating in the IEM Rio Major 2022 have been eliminated from the tournament, but they did not walk off without entertaining the home crowd gathered at the Riocentro.

The play that was greeted with probably the loudest cheers and chants so far was made by none other than the Brazilian CS:GO legend, Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo, following his clean ace against Team 9z on Mirage with a pair of Dual Berettas.

FalleN makes the Brazilian crowd go wild with a clean ace on Mirage

Imperial Esports had already dropped its opening match against Team Vitality and were in a really tough spot against Team 9z on Mirage.

With the score reading '2-13' going into the second half, the Brazilian side was on the backfoot but a resilient FalleN decided to fight back in the second pistol round and armed himself with Dual Berettas inside the 'B-Site'.

Running right into him, players from 9z dropped like bowling pins one after the other as FalleN fought them head on while dancing around the pillars in the middle of 'B-Site'.

The clean ace from the dualies was welcomed with a huge uproar by the audience, filling the entire arena as they celebrated the brilliant ace from one of the most celebrated players of the region.

FalleN, enjoying the cameo waved back to the audience asking them to keep hyping them up, resulting in even more chants in their support. Despite putting up a fierce fight, Imperial fell short of a comeback and ended up losing the match by a '16-11' scoreline.

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