ESL Hides Minimap and X-Ray From Live Audience at IEM Rio Major 2022

Strict measures are being taken to control crowd influence.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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<div class="paragraphs"><p>ESL Prevents Crowd Influence At IEM Rio Major 2022</p></div>
ESL Prevents Crowd Influence At IEM Rio Major 2022
ESL removed the minimap and x-ray vision from the screens present at Riocentro during the match between Imperial and Cloud9.
The organizers decided to take strict measures to prevent the crowd from influencing the outcome of the matches.
This came about due to multiple instances of the live audience present at the venue giving away crucial information.

ESL has decided to implement strict measures against the crowd influence present at large during the ongoing IEM Rio Major 2022. The first instance of this was witnessed yesterday on 1st November during Imperial's do-or-die match against Cloud9, when both minimap and x-ray vision was removed for a limited time in order to maintain the competitive integrity of the tournament.

The move was met with split emotions, Brazilian fans clearly not happy with this decision being undertaken by ESL, while the players competing also represented opposing views on the matter.

ESL takes strict measures against crowd influence at IEM Rio Major 2022

The live audience present at the Riocentro has already shown how passionate and enthusiastic they can be for CS:GO, especially when any of the local Brazilian teams or players are up on the center stage playing their respective matches.

They are too loud and very proud of their teams, but along with the cheers, boos, and banter, instances of the crowd interfering with the live match has become way too common at the indoor stadium, to the extent where ESL has been forced to step in and take necessary counter measures.

Not only has the live audience given away crucial information at times but there have also been a few instances where members have shouted out information about which site the attackers are planning to hit.

Similar actions were noticed by the crowd during the series between Imperial and Cloud9, resulting in ESL taking a decision to remove the x-ray vision and minimap from the screens present inside the arena for multiple rounds towards end of the first map.

X-Ray Vision and Minimap removed by ESL at the venue

ESL confirmed the same in a statement, "The integrity of the tournament is the most important factor for us. Over the last few days, we've had incidents that we believe have put this at risk. We've communicated to the public the level of importance that this has and we've been doing this throughout the tournament."

The organizer further noted that it does not wish to spoil the experience for those in attendance at the venue, but if the integrity continues to be tampered with it will implement all necessary measures to counter the same.

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