Smoke Nade Falls Down Vertigo's Roof During Freeze Time


[Watch] Astralis Lose a Nade as It Falls Down Vertigo’s Roof During Freeze Time

Be extra careful while dropping nades!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Weird interaction from droppable utility resulted in a smoke grenade rolling down the roof on Vertigo during freeze time.
The bizarre interaction was first spotted during the Astralis vs Vitality match at the recently concluded IEM Fall 2021: Europe.
Astralis had to play the round without a smoke grenade as it fell down the roof before the round even started.

Valve had introduced several gameplay changes to CS:GO as a part of Operation Riptide, including the ability to drop utility items in addition to weapons. This particular change was meta defining as it opened up opportunities for so many new strategies, both good and bad. Right after the update was rolled out the entire CS:GO community started looking for new ways to utilize them in regular gameplay, resulting in some exciting clips going viral leading to ideas for teams to build upon.

However, with every new update there are certain things that are not taken into account until certain scenarios present themselves. Such is the case of the smoke grenade on Vertigo which rolled down the side of the building, after Philip "Lucky" Ewald bought and dropped it for the team during the half-time pause.

Utility falls down the building on Vertigo during the half-time pause

By utilizing the drop grenade feature teams have started adopting new strategies, some of which include players sharing all types of utility. OG like to stash a few HE Grenades with their shot caller Aleksi "Aleksib" Virolainen, while Ninjas in Pyjamas recently tried a flashbang barrage strategy where Nicolai "dev1ce" Reedtz provided the aerial support. It goes to show almost every team is trying out its own iteration of the new feature.

Unfortunately for Astralis, even without attempting to try anything off beat, the Danes figured out the downside of carelessly throwing grenades beforehand.

While playing against Team Vitality in the third place matchup at the recently concluded IEM Fall 2021: Europe, Astralis was struggling on the second map Vertigo. During the half-time pause discussions, Lucky absent-mindedly bought a few nades and dropped them in front of him.

Sadly, a smoke grenade randomly started to roll and slowly made its way towards the edge of the building before falling down. The players could do nothing but watch as the side change freeze time was ongoing.

While it certainly made for a hilarious viewing experience, it brought to light an instance of such a scenario occurring as per the new droppable utility feature. Such scenarios although hilarious, may essentially lead towards one's detriment. Although, thanks to Astralis we now know better and shall make it a point to not drop greandes before hand on Vertigo .

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