Valve Announces Eleventh CS:GO Operation - Operation Riptide Complete Details


Valve Announces 11th CS:GO Operation - Operation Riptide: All You Need to Know

After all those teasers Operation Riptide has finally been announced.

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Valve after weeks of dropping teasers has finally released the eleventh CS:GO operation known as Operation Riptide.
The new operation brings with it new agents, weapon skins, maps, gameplay changes, and other such updates.
Operation Riptide is scheduled to run from 22nd September 2021 to 20th February 2022, which amounts to a total of 152 days.

Valve after dropping multiple teasers about an upcoming update has finally released CS:GO's 11th Operation earlier today on 22nd September, Operation Riptide. As always, the new operation brings with it a lot of exciting changes and new skins for the players to enjoy. The community has given an immensely positive response so far, especially towards the plethora of gameplay changes that Valve has introduced to spice things up.

There had been weeks of silence from CS:GO developers, with the community wondering when the next update would be made for the game. As soon as the teasers started to drop, one of the first speculations made was Valve is preparing to drop a new operation soon.

Well, that is exactly what the developers were working on and here are all the details about Operation Riptide.

Valve release a new CS:GO update - Operation Riptide

The 11th CS:GO Operation is here bringing with it a lot of skins, new maps, gameplay changes, weekly missions, and lots of other exciting stuff. Operation Riptide released today on 22nd September 2021 and will be running all the way until 20th February 2022, which means that the operation will be running for a total of 152 days. However, the weekly missions will only run for the first 16 weeks of the operation.

Operation Riptide: Complete Details

Upgradable Mission Coin

Players who want to upgrade their mission coin can set out on their grind to complete all the weekly missions. They will have to play hard for the first 16 weeks and once all the missions have been completed, they can then relax having upgraded their coin to the maximum possible limit.

Operation Riptide - Upgradable Mission Coins

Private Queue

CS:GO players will now be able to play matches against their friends or a group of friends specifically by generating a 'Queue Code'. This code can be shared with other players who you would like to play with, giving everyone an opportunity to create their own private Premier match on Valve servers.

Similarly, every Steam Group will also be given its own unique 'Private Queue Code' that can be specifically used by the group members.

Operation Riptide - Private CS:GO Matchmaking Queue

Operation Shop

Complete weekly missions to earn stars which can be used for purchasing various 'Operation Rewards', including items like new agents, new Riptide Case, any skin from the four new weapon collections, a sticker from the two new collections, or simply some Operation patches.

New CS:GO Maps

Five new maps have been added to CS:GO while five older ones have also been removed from the game to maintain balance. The new maps introduced along with Operation Riptide are as follows,

County - This map has been added to the Danger Zone game mode specifically.

Basalt, Insertion II - These two maps have been added to the Competitive, Casual, and Deathmatch game modes.

Ravine, Extraction - These two maps have been added to the Wingman game mode.

Country - Danger Zone Map

New Riptide Agents

A whole set of new agents have been added to CS:GO. On the attacking side we have those belonging to the Guerrila Warfare, while on the defending side we have "Frog Men" from the SEAL team and new agents from the French Gendarmerie as the defenders.

The whole set of new agents added to the game are as follows,

  • Guerrilla Warfare Crasswater The Forgotten - Master Agent

  • Guerrilla Warfare 'Medium Rare' Crasswater The Forgotten - Master Agent

  • Guerrilla Warfare Vypa Sista of the New Revolution - Master Agent

  • Guerrilla Warfare Elite Trapper Solmon - Superior Agent

  • Guerrilla Warfare Arno The Overgrown - Superior Agent

  • Guerrilla Warfare Col. Mangos Dabisi - Exceptional Agent

  • Guerrilla Warfare | Trapper - Exceptional Agent

  • Guerrilla Warfare | Trapper Aggressor - Distinguished Agent

  • SEAL Frogman Skipper Frank 'Wet Sox' Baroud - Master Agent

  • SEAL Frogman Skipper Davida 'Googles' Fernandez - Master Agent

  • SEAL Frogman Lieutenant Rex Krikey - Superior Agent

  • Gendarmerie Nationale Chef d'Escadron Rouchard - Master Agent

  • Gendarmerie Nationale Chem-Haz Capitaine - Superior Agent

  • Gendarmerie Nationale Sous-Lieutenant Medic - Exceptional Agent

  • Gendarmerie Nationale Officer Jacques Beltram - Exceptional Agent

  • Gendarmerie Nationale Aspirant - Distinguished Agent

  • The Professionals Bloody Darryl The Strapped - Superior Agent

  • SWAT Lieutenant 'Tree Hugger' Farlow - Exceptional Agent

  • Brazilian 1st Battalion Primeiro Tenente - Distinguished Agent

  • NZSAS | D Squadron Officer - Distinguished Agent

  • Elite Crew | Mr. Muhlik - Distinguished Agent

New Weapon Cases and Collections

Along with Operation Riptide a total of one weapon case, four weapon collections, two-themed sticker collections, and new patches were released.

  • Riptide Case - This consists of 17 community-designed weapon skins and includes Gamma Doppler knives as rare special items.

  • Train Collection - This consists of 17 weapon skins in total.

  • Mirage Collection - This consists of 19 weapon skins in total.

  • Dust 2 Collection - This consists of 19 weapon skins in total.

  • Vertigo Collection - This consists of 19 weapon skins in total.

  • Riptide Surf Shop Sticker Collection - This consists of 12 stickers in total.

  • Riptide Sticker Collection - This consists of 14 operation-themed stickers in total.

  • Riptide Patch Collection - This consists of 12 operation-themed patches in total.

Gameplay Changes

There are some drastic gameplay changes. Some are massive that can directly impact the current meta of the game or maybe affect certain strategies at a higher level of gameplay. The rest are to improve the overall experience for casual players.

  • Operation Riptide re-introduces Riot Shield to CS:GO. It is currently available under the category of Heavy Weapon for CT-sided players in Casual Maps.

  • Competitive Matches are now available in a shorter format. Players have the freedom to choose what they want to during competitive matchmaking which ranges from playing a shorter format (MR 16), longer / regular format (MR 30), or no preference (both will be searched).

  • Multiple variants of the Deathmatch are now available like Team Deathmatch, Free For All, and Classic.

  • Grenades are now droppable, similar to weapons, in most of the game modes.

  • The more neglected M4A1-S now does increased damage to the body.

  • The Deagle damage to the body has been reduced.

  • The Dualies undergo a price cut and are now available for just $300.

  • Vision after death has been reduced from 3.0 secs to 2.0 secs (vision by headshot reduced from 1.0 sec to 0.5 secs).

  • Dust 2, Inferno, Ancient undergo changes, the biggest of them being visibility tweak from 'T-Spawn' to 'Mid' on Dust 2.

These are all the new updates that Operation Riptide has to offer. It is a lot to take in one go which is a great thing. Players can expect to be quite preoccupied for the next couple of months as a result of the amazing new content. Along with this the developers shall also tend to all the bugs that arise with this new and massive update.

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