Valve Drops New Update For CS:GO


CS:GO Update Adds Music Kit, Dust 2 Mid Wallbang Blocked, Ragdoll Physics Adjusted, More

Valve takes care of some issues which CS:GO introduced with Operation Riptide.

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CS:GO receives an update introducing a new Music Kit called 'bbno$ – u mad!', fixes to Dust 2, and tweaks to several other maps.
Major changes includes fixing the accidental 'Mid' wallbang on Dust 2, blocking the 'Mid' boost vision on Dust 2, and deployment bug on County.
Dust 2, Insertion 2, Ravine, Basalt, and County are the CS:GO maps which have undergone several tweaks.

Earlier today on 8th October, Valve rolled out an update for CS:GO tweaking a few maps, introducing a new Music Kit, and some other major fixes like adjusting ragdoll mechanics. These changes are mostly associated to features introduced along with Operation Riptide, which is well into its third week.

The new Music Kit from bbno$, who is a Canadian rapper, singer, and songwriter, features the song 'u mad!' from his new album "eat ya veggies". It is available now in both standard and StatTrak versions.

Apart from this, significant fixes that were rolled out include - fixing the bug on the new Danger Zone map County that allowed players to deploy outside the map, accidental wallbang in Mid on Dust 2, and blocking vision on Dust 2 from T-Spawn to Mid Doors.

Valve pushes out new update for CS:GO - Complete Details

Dust 2 'Mid' undergoes crucial changes

CS:GO had blocked the free vision that the attacking side used to get on Dust 2 by blocking 'Mid' with a hanging wall. However, users had found a wallbang spot which allowed attackers to take down CT players through this partition, if they timed their shots properly.

This was clearly unintentional on the part of the developers and have finally rectified their mistake, making this accidental wallbang not possible any longer.

Apart from this, a tyre has been added by the developers on top of the hanging wall to avoid T players from peeking 'Mid' using a cheeky boost.

Danzer Zone gameplay changes and County bug fixed

There was a bug detected on the new Danger Zone map County which allowed players to deploy themselves outside the map. The bug could be recreated 100% of the time but how it worked was a mystery.

It was not possible to spawn outside the map when starting out in the game, but once the player is knocked down suddenly the area outside the map's boundary becomes accessible.

This bug has now been fixed by the developers and additionally Valve has even introduced some gameplay changes to this game mode,

  • Respawning players are no longer able to select respawn locations that should have been prohibited by the spawnmask map.

New Music Kit

A new music kit has also been released for CS:GO called bbno$ - u mad! which is available in both standard and StatTrak version. The track made by the Canadian singer is sort of based around the concept of the toxic gamer anthem, 'u mad? Are u mad? LOL get good scrub'.

New CS:GO Music Kit - bbno$ - u mad!

Apart from this the out of control ragdoll mechanics have also been adjusted. Several hilarious and bizarre clips have been going viral within the CS:GO community since this came about with the Operation Riptide update.

Dust 2, Insertion 2, Ravine, Basalt, and County are the CS:GO maps which have undergone several tweaks. The complete list of changes can be read by Clicking Here.

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