New CS:GO Map Insertion 2 To Undergo Changes In Future Update


New CS:GO Map Insertion 2 to Undergo Changes in Future Update, Patch Notes Below

The map creator has confirmed a list of changes!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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The new CS:GO map Insertion 2 will be undergoing multiple changes in an upcoming update by Valve.
Oskmos the creator of the map has already listed these changes on Twitter while also implementing them through the Steam Workshop.
These changes include minor additions to the map along with some changes to enhance gameplay.

Valve added a few new maps to CS:GO along with Operation Riptide and most of them have received a positive response from the community members. Insertion 2 is one such map which was officially introduced to the game, built upon the success of its previous iteration Insertion 1 which unfortunately faced a lot of problems.

The large open map strikes a perfect balance between a Danger Zone and a Rescue map. It gives players an opportunity to move around and strategise around a small section of the town. After more than a week of playing and taking some community feedback, the creator of the map Oskmos has made a few tactical changes to Insertion 2.

Here is a look at the upcoming changes which have already been pushed on to the Steam Workshop and shall soon be added to the official version in the future update.

Changes made to new CS:GO map Insertion 2

A few changes that have been made by Oskmos to the popular CS:GO map Insertion 2 after taking in the community feedback:

  • Player collision during spawn selection has now been fixed.

  • A new path has been added on the office building's exterior for CTs that comes from the direction of the Train spawn.

Insertion 2 - New entrance path into the office building
  • One of the boost spots in side market has now been blocked off.

  • The much discussed and rather overpowered tree line has been moved back by a bit.

  • The window has been moved to the backroom of pizza for an easier wallbang, while the garbage trolley has been rotated in the backroom of pizza for easier grenade bouncing.

Insertion 2 - The pizza backroom undergoes multiple changes
  • A hairdresser theme has been added to a previously empty room near the office side entrance to help with callouts.

  • Some other minor issues were fixed and tweaks were made to further optimize gameplay on the map.

At the moment all these changes to the map have only been implemented on Oskmos's Steam Workshop, but they shall soon be made to the official version of the game on CS:GO as well.

Insertion 2 is a huge CS:GO map that took its creator Oskmos years to design and optimize. The map while feeling like a Danger Zone map actually offers an interesting Rescue game mode for all the players, where the roles of the CT and T sided teams have been swapped.

There are a few NPCs around the map which the Ts have to safeguard, preventing the CTs from saving them. On the other hand, the CT side has to chose a spawn location and make their way around the town, executing all the rescues successfully or taking care of the Ts.

Insertion 2 - Multiple CT and T spawns

The back and forth is quite exciting and offers something unique to all the players. On top of that the map in itself is very interesting as it offers players the freedom to play around and strategise their respective attack or defense.

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