This Bug Allows Players to Deploy Outside the New CS:GO Map County


This Bug Allows Players to Deploy Outside the New CS:GO Map County

Now players can deploy outside the map in the new Danger Zone map!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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The new Danger Zone map County, released along with Operation Riptide, has a bug which players can exploit to go outside the map.
The bug can easily be recreated without fail, 100% of the time, but how it works is still unknown.
It is unclear if players can survive the red zone collapsing inwards by simply standing outside the map.

The recently released Operation Riptide brought with it a lot of gameplay updates, skins, and even some new CS:GO maps. Among this was the newly released map called County, the latest Danger Zone map to join Blacksite and Sirocco. While the map has received commendation and appreciation from the CS:GO community for being really well optimized, there is a huge bug that has been detected by a user which allows players to deploy outside the map.

There is not a lot of information available about how broken this bug actually is, however, the user has shown in great detail how it can be recreated by others. It is very easy to replicate the bug each time without fail.

Players can deploy outside the new CS:GO map County due to this bug

The CS:GO community is in awe of how good the new Danger Zone map County has turned out to be. The well-optimized map does not make the user frame rate suffer, while also providing them with an incredibly well-designed map which is set in the rural part of a fictional Grizzly County.

Similar to Jungle and Frostbite, the special Danger Zone maps that were released along with Operation Shattered Web and Operation Broken Fang, County is the map that has been released along with Operation Riptide.

As it is with any new feature or map, a user ended up encountering a bug on County which allowed players to deploy outside the map. This bug can be recreated very easily with a 100% success rate, however, the complete extent of this bug is still unknown.

From the clip above one can see that it is not possible to spawn outside the map when starting out in the game, but once the player is knocked down suddenly the area outside the map's boundary becomes accessible.

Now, the player, that is respawning for the second time, can simply choose the part outside of the map and parachute his/her way down to that area. The player is now officially outside the map. It is unclear though if they can survive over there after the red zone starts to move inwards or not.

Layout of the new Danger Zone map County

Additional information from the user has clarified that it is possible to order deliverables from outside the map via drones. So if players have some cash on their hand they can call in for weapons and ammo, and end up picking out unaware players that might wander too close to the edge of the map.

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