Team Spirit Benches Degster From CS:GO Roster


Team Spirit Removes Degster From Active CS:GO Roster

A shocking decision by the Russian esports organization!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Team Spirit has decided to bench and transfer list degster from its active CS:GO roster.
The decision was made based on multiple non-game factors and had nothing to do with degster's performance in CS:GO.
Team Spirit has already shortlisted a few candidates to replace degster and will be announcing his replacement soon.

It comes as a huge surprise that Russian esports organization, Team Spirit, has decided to bench its AWPer, Abdulkhalik "degster" Gasanov, despite having secured a commendable Top 4 finish at the recently concluded PGL Antwerp Major 2022.

The 20-year-old was amongst the top ten players at the Major, attaining an overall rating of 1.16 across nine maps along with a K/D of +45. However, Team Spirit confirmed that it was not degster's in-game performance that was led to his removal from the active lineup.

According to the statement released by the organization, there were disagreements between the two parties related to certain non-game factors like training and future of the CS:GO team.

Team Spirit benches and transfer lists Degster from CS:GO roster

The Russian esports organization has decided to make some changes right after the PGL Antwerp Major 2022, Spirit and degster have mutually agreed to part ways due to not being able to meet eye-to-eye on certain matters involving the team's training process and future.

Statement by degster right before the announcement

Official word by Team Spirit on the matter states that, "After the Major, the management and the coaching staff held talks with Abdul (degster), as a result of which it became obvious that the parties' views on the training process and the team's future in general were fundamentally opposite. As a result, it was decided that degster would be moved to the bench immediately."

While this is the official statement according to HLTV, this decision had something to do with Team Spirit's relocation to Serbia amid Russia's ongoing invasion of Ukraine, but degster wishes to return and continue living in his home country.

Degster's departure will surely leave a sizable void in the team's roster, having played with them for more than 15 months during which he attended two CS:GO Majors, including a semifinal-finish in Antwerp in front of a live audience.

"Abdul is a very talented player who has proven to be one of the best not only in the region but worldwide during his time in Spirit. That's why the decision we made was so tough. However, we have a specific plan for the development of the project regarding CS:GO, and we will not disregard it, even for the most talented player," stated Nikita Cheshir Chukalin - CEO of Team Spirit.

While degster has been transfer-listed, the organization has stated that it is ready to tackle this scenario and have already shortlisted some candidates to operate as an AWPer and will announce his replacement shortly.

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