Team Liquid CS:GO Players Donate To Save CS Fan's Life


Team Liquid CS:GO Players Donate to Potentially Save a CS Fan's Life

A community that is truly beyond just gaming and esports!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Multiple CS:GO players from Team Liquid have made a significant donation to potentially save a fan's life.
The CS:GO community has come together in large numbers to help out Cody Grannan who needs money for an emergency heart surgery.
Four players from Liquid have made a donation of $3,300 USD and now Cody is just $1,000 USD away from his intended goal.

The players of Team Liquid have come together along with the rest of the CS:GO community to donate and potentially save a fan's life who needs to undergo an emergency heart surgery.

Cody Grannan is a casual CS:GO player who is trying to raise money for his heart surgery and subsequent medicines through a GoFundMe campaign. The 21-year-old shared that he is a diabetic who was born with a rare disorder related to the heart called 'Subaortic Stenosis'.

Usually, people suffering from the disorder get treated very early on in their life, but Cody had not required surgery up until now. As his condition became life-threatening, he turned for help to the CS:GO community to collect enough funds and undergo an emergency operation.

The response Cody has received from the community is heartfelt and inspiring, with many big personalities stepping up and donating to the cause as well.

Team Liquid players make significant donations to help CS:GO fan get a heart surgery

It is not often that the CS:GO community comes together for a noble cause, one that can potentially save the life of a random fan who is suffering from a rare heart disorder and is in need of emergency surgery.

However, the community has proven that it transcends just gaming and esports, actually reaching out in significant numbers and trying their best to help out Cody. They even helped in attracting the attention of multiple players and talents who would be willing to contribute.

All their efforts have actually paid off as multiple players from the Team Liquid lineup have made significant contributions.

He might not be considered a part of Liquid yet, but Mareks "YEKINDAR" Gaļinskis was the first one to make a contribution of $500 USD. This was followed by Jonathan "EliGE" Jablonowski donating a total of $1,500 USD. The sloth, Keith "NAF" Markovic, also contributed another $1,000 USD from his side. Their shotcaller, Nicholas "nitr0" Cannella, donating another $300 USD as well.

CSGO community appreciating Team Liquid players

In total, the four Liquid players donated $3,300 USD with another massive donation of $1,000 USD being made by popular Twitch streamer Erik "fl0m" Flom.

All this support and donation by the community members has resulted in Cody collecting a total of $6,384 USD so far and now needs just more than a $1,000 USD to reach his target of $7,500 USD.

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