Boombl4 Plans on Joining European CS:GO Team, Wants to Make Rap Music

Future plans seem ambitious on both fronts for the Russian player.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Boombl4 Plans On Joining European CS:GO Team


On his personal Telegram channel, Boombl4 spoke about his future plans in CS:GO which consisted of joining a European team and making rap music.
He clarified that making rap was just for pleasure and it would not interfere with his gameplay in CS:GO.
Boombl4 is currently an inactive player on NAVI's bench and has been absent from the completive circuit for more than two months now.

Russian CS:GO player, Kirill "Boombl4" Mikhaylov, has been away from the competitive circuit ever since he was benched by NAVI, in May earlier this year, for being a "high reputational risk for the club".

Soon after, he got embroiled in a controversial divorce with his ex-wife Angelika "LiQueen" Mikhailova, who accused him of being a drug addict and shared an alleged video recording of him consuming drugs.

The 23-year-old went on to publicly state that he was going to file a defamation lawsuit against her and even spoke about the future of his career in CS:GO briefly.

Two months later, Boombl4 has come forward to give an update on his situation by talking about his plans of starting a career in music by making rap, while also stating that joining a team from Europe would be a great way for him to start again.

Boombl4 gives an update about his future in CS:GO and shares his plan of making rap music

The former NAVI captain, Boombl4, seems to be planning his return to competitive CS:GO and recently spoke about it via his personal Telegram channel.

Addressing the question about which CS:GO team would he go on to join, Boombl4 said now that one of the hardest parts of his life was over, he has clear goals for both himself and his new team.

"No doubt, a good start of my history without NAVI would be a team from Europe. We will see which one and how it's all going to go," said Boombl4, further adding that "Making bets on my transfer is a great PR. A dude who came up with this idea is a genius, but I don't support that."

This seems to be in line with what Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev had said about Boombl4's future team in CS:GO, during a Twitch livestream with famous Russian rapper Morgenshtern last month.

But this was not all, Boombl4 went on to add that he would also start making rap now, but it would be done in a way such that his CS:GO career is not hindered in any manner.

"The amount of people that voiced their support for me in June pushed me to (do) new things. Contrary to your possible guesses, it doesn't interfere with my training, personal game, and analysis of the potential future opponents. I play, study, and improve what's lacking in my gameplay with the same joy," said Boombl4,"But come on, people could write books on my history, so why shouldn't I drop some bars on a beat for my pleasure?"

Note: The above quotes were originally in Russian and have been translated and sourced from Escore New.

Nothing has been set in stone right now and everything presented above is Boombl4's opinion about his future in CS:GO. It remains to be seen if any of these plans related to the game actually materialize into something in the months ahead.

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