Tarik Talks About CSGO Pros Switching To Valorant


Tarik Talks About Professional CS:GO Players Switching to Valorant

Tarik seems to have quite a logical explanation.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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North American star player, tarik gives his thoughts on professional CS:GO players switching over to Valorant.
Tarik, while agreeing that it is an unfortunate circumstance, stated that the players are not to be blamed.
The community was appreciative of his thoughts and the majority seem to resonate with what tarik had to say.

A lot of Counter-Strike professionals have shifted over to Valorant since the game's release, especially in the North American region. With competitive CS:GO shifting to Europe during its online phase, many organizations decided to take a break from the Valve title. So many CS:GO players instead tried their hand in Valorant which has found immense success in its first year. Evil Geniuses' inactive player, Tarik "tarik" Celik who is currently concentrating on streaming, recently gave his thoughts on this situation while speaking with his viewers on his 17th August Twitch stream.

Tarik gives his thoughts on CS:GO professionals switching over to Valorant

Tarik has been popping off on Twitch ever since shifting to streaming full time in April. His viewers love to chat with him while seeing him absolutely dominate everyone on the server. Even outside of it, his personality has won over the region as he constantly indulges in friendly banter across Twitter and continues to play CS:GO.

In his 17th August Twitch stream, the North American star player answered a question put forth by one of his viewers about the current state of CS:GO professionals moving over to Valorant. He stated,

It is definitely unfortunate but you can't blame them because there is no opportunity for them in NA (North America). So, it sucks but it is just the situation right now. There is just not enough teams either in NA and also people are starting to get bored of CS anyways, I don't know. That is the reason they are switching to something new and exciting.
Tarik "tarik" Celik

The CS:GO community appreciated this response from tarik, calling it level-headed and a reasonable justification to this current trend that is especially witnessed in the North American region where competitive CS:GO is struggling to find a solid foothold.

The North American Valorant competitive scene in particular is abundant with CS:GO professionals who are absolutely dominating the game. Be it the best Valorant team in the world, Sentinels or any other popular lineup, there is bound to be at least two former Counter-Strike players in the mix.

The fact that these Counter-Strike players are so good at the game only encourages more players to jump ship, giving birth to a cycle that has helped Valorant grow quickly.

However, CS:GO has managed to hold its own as it continues to flourish in Europe - the competitive scene being exciting as ever before and the community being hyped for the upcoming PGL Major Stockholm 2021.

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