Tarik Sparks Off A Twitter War After Claiming CS:GO Is Harder Than Valorant


Tarik Sparks Off a Twitter War After Claiming CS:GO is Harder Than Valorant

Well somebody had to do it.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Tarik sparks off an online war on Twitter between CS:GO and Valorant fans by stating "CS:GO is way harder than Valorant".
A lot of points were shared by passionate fans from both sides with the Tweet receiving more than 18,000 likes and 1,000 retweets.
Some opinions digressed from the topic but some constructive logical inputs from other streamers, content creators, and players made great points.

CS:GO rifler Tarik "tarik" Celik who is currently focussing on streaming and taking a break from competitive Counter-Strike, has sparked off quite the Twitter war after publicly stating that "CS:GO is way harder than Valorant". Both the tactical shooters possess passionate player bases and an active esports scene, with fans determined to prove that their game of choice was better than the other. What started off as a debate involving gameplay, abilities, gun mechanics, and other such technical stuff, soon went haywire as users started pulling up Twitch livestream and tournament viewership statistics. Some balanced opinions were also represented by a few other professional players, streamers, and content creators, adding something constructive to this wild online debate.

CSGO Weapon mechanics, Valorant agent abilities and more brought up as arguments

The most common take was that Counter-Strike has more refined weapon mechanics but it was the different agent abilities that made Valorant more versatile.

However, some extreme supporters of the two titles were not ready to settle for a trade, they wanted to put fourth some hard points and prove that their game was better.

This actually brought to light some hard hitting truths like, Valve not communicating well with its community while finding it hard to combat cheaters affecting CS:GO. On the other hand, Valorant even after a year has failed to provide consistent gun mechanics and sound matchmaking to its casual playerbase.

Some Hard Hitting Points Being Discussed by Fans

Some users went to the limit of pulling out Twitch livestream statistics and tournament viewership in order to back some of their points, which had nothing to do with proving which game was harder to play. The Valorant vs CSGO popularity debate has been a heated one but in this context, it felt like a digression from the topic at hand which took the debate in a tangent. Speaking of tangents, have your read our take on how Valorant has impacted CS:GO esports in Asia?

Twitch Viewership Stats (Last 180 Days)

Despite all the back and forth between the fans, there were still some constructive points that were discussed as a part of this online debate involving popular content creators, streamers, and other professional players.

North American CS:GO streamer Mohamad "m0E" Assad came forward to give a balanced insight stating that "CS:GO is mechanically harder to master, but Valorant is a lot more complicated with all the abilities each agent has".

Moe's Reply to Tarik

At the end of the day Tarik's mission had been fulfilled and he replied to his own Tweet by stating that everything was going according to the plan. Well, the North American streamer achieved what he intended with the original Tweet garnering over 18,000 likes and more than a 1,000 retweets.

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