This Simple Feature On Nuke Has Caught The CSGO Community By Surprise


This Simple Feature on Nuke Has Caught The CS:GO Community by Surprise

Nuke has some simple surprises for being such a complicated CS:GO map.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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The CS:GO community was taken by surprise when a player recently revealed that the blinder on Nuke 'Vent' are operational.
CS:GO players can actually open and close the blinders on the 'Vent' by simply pressing 'E'.
The blinders on 'Vent' can be operated from both sides and they do not make any noise.

Nuke is considered to be one of the most complicated CS:GO maps to master out of all those present in the current competitive map pool. Yes, Ancient may come close, but that is attributed to its newness and as teams and players adapt to playing on the map, its difficulty will certainly water down. Despite being one of the oldest maps to have been introduced to Counter-Strike, Nuke seems to harbour a rather simple trick which has caught the CS:GO community by surprise. Players have flocked to reveal how they failed to notice this feature despite playing Counter-Strike since forever, and it may be because they were busy busting their hours on Dust 2 and Mirage!

The Nuke Feature That Has Gone Viral Within The CS:GO Community

This might be a feature that you are familiar with, but many in the community are expressing their surprise over not knowing about it despite spending over 1000 hours and even more. Nuke for all its complications also has subtle features like the ability to open and close the shutters present on the 'Vent', not just a particular one but all of them.

Nuke Vent in Open Position

A simple feature like opening and closing the 'Vent' blinders seems to be a reason enough to excite the CS:GO community on a weekend. Debates broke out about how some players are just ignorant while others countered that they simply do not play the map enough to know such details.

The blinders can be operated by simply pressing 'E' and can be used from both sides, inside and out. Opening the vent gives a player vision to whatever is on the other side, however, it also acts the other way around by giving the player outside information as well. But no noise is made by the vent blinders when opening or closing them, just a friendly tip for some low to mid ranked players.

This feature is not all that useful but the revelation of its inclusion is what has caught the community members by surprise. In high-ranked games or professional tournaments, players simply charge through the vents or play around them, but do not ever fiddle with the blinders. That would most certainly cost them the round or the game, simply because of how aware all high level players are.

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